Keijo Kajantie

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Helsinki Institute of Physics
P.O.Box 64, 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland
e-mail: keijo.kajantie at

Research interests: ultrarelativistic nuclear collisions, finite temperature field theory, string theory and QCD matter, cosmological phase transitions, null infinity in general relativity. FTFT group (link is dead) 2002-2008. Computational Field Theory group 2009-.

Bookmarks at work or in laptop.

Some pics from Camp Rising Sun, Rhinebeck, NY, where I stayed two months in the summer of 1956.

Families of my father's father Hjalmar Kajander  (Vpl Pyhäjärvi, Orimattila), sama ja enemmänkin Kajandereistä suomeksi , father's mother Hilma Lunden  (Vpl Pyhäjärvi, Rauma, Lappi Tl), sama ja enemmänkin Lundeneista suomeksi, mother's father Vihtori Vaara  (Pornainen) and mother's mother Saimi Paturi  (Turenki, Jämsä).

Lectures in String Theory: spring term 2004 and spring term 2005 and spring term 2006; handwritten notes, scanned in pdf.

Scanned transparencies of my talk on 15 June 1999 at PANIC99, Uppsala: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
Talk in Santa Barbara on 9 April 2002 at the conference "QCD in the RHIC Era".
Plenary talk "Physics of LHC (Theory)" at Quark Matter 2002, 24 July 2002.
Talk "Rolf "the temperature" Hagedorn", CERN, 28 Nov 2003.
Talk at Brookhaven National Lab on 12 Feb 2004 at the conference "Lattice QCD at finite T and density".
Talk at BNL on 4 June 2004 at a DOE/NSAC (Nuclear Science Advisory Committee) meeting.
Talk on quark-antiquark production, Frankfurt, 5 December 2005.
Moka2006, Lectures in many-body theory, advanced course in theoretical physics, given in various versions since about 1975 at the Department of Theoretical Physics.
Talk "Little bang, big bang and gravity duals" at the Finnish-Japanese Workshop on Particle Cosmology, 9 March 2007.
Talk "Expanding systems in gauge theory/gravity duality" at HIP, Helsinki, 27 March 2007.
Talk "Expanding matter and gravity duals" at Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada, 23 May 2007.
Three lectures on "String-theory inspired methods for hot QCD", University of Bielefeld, Germany, 10-14 September 2007.
Two lectures on "Gauge-string dualities and QCD", Spåtind, Norway, 6 January 2008.
"Farewell lecture" (in Finnish), 31 January 2008.
Talk "Expanding conformal matter in gauge theory/gravity duality" at Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara, USA, 11 March 2008.
Talk "Expanding conformal matter in gauge theory/gravity duality" at Institute for Nuclear Theory, Seattle, USA, 24 March 2008.
Juhlapuhe Asunto-osakeyhtiö Kalervon 100-vuotisjuhlassa 25.4.2008.
Talk "5d black holes and 4d thermodynamics" at the Mini-workshop on hot and dense QCD, Oulu, Finland, 28 June 2008.
Ten lectures on "New gauge/gravity duality ideas and their applications" at the 18th Summer School, University of Jyväskylä, 18-22 August 2008.
Some notes and pics for a talk on the Milky Way big black hole, HIP, 6 Feb 2009.
Talk at a meeting "Quantum field theory in extreme environments", Saclay, France, 23 April 2009.
Talk "Hot QCD matter: lattice, perturbation theory and AdS/QCD", CERN, 1 July 2009.
Talk "AdS/QCD and hot QCD matter", Odense, 25 November 2009 and Bielefeld, 10 December 2009.
Four lectures on "Finite temperature QCD in equilibrium: lattice Monte Carlo, perturbation theory and AdS/QCD", Heidelberg, 15-19 March 2010.
Three lectures on "AdS/QCD", Helsinki, 28-29 October 2010.
Talk on "Response functions of hot QCD matter from 5-dimensional gravity", Bielefeld, 19 Apr and Helsinki, 26 Apr 2011.
Talk on "Confining, quasiconformal and conformal gauge theories in gauge/gravity duality", Bielefeld, 6 Dec 2011.
Talk on "Hot QCD in the limit of large number of colors and flavors", Helsinki, 23 Oct 2012 and Frankfurt, 28 Oct 2012.
Talk on "Hot and dense QCD in the limit of large number of colors and flavors", Nordita, Stockholm, 15 Oct 2013.
Two talks on "QCD matter at finite temperature and density: lattice Monte Carlo, perturbation theory and holography", CP3Origins, Odense, 20-21 November 2013.
Talk "Equation of state of hot and dense quark matter at large Nc,Nf", Quark Matter 2014, Darmstadt 19 May 2014.
Talk "Finnish theorists and CERN", symposium CERN 60 years, Helsinki, 3 October 2014.
Talk "Phases and phase transitions of QCD with large Nf", Helsinki, 10 February 2015.
Lecture "Quantum Gravity" for undergraduate students, Solvalla, 28 May 2015.
Talk "Gravitational radiation and black holes", Helsinki, 1 March 2016.
Katsaus suvun varhaishistoriaan, Nyman-Frisk-suvun kevättapaaminen, Askola, 16.4.2016.
Talk "Genesis of a research field and how I met Ulrich Heinz", CERN, 18 July 2016.
Stig Stenholm 1939 - 2017 muistopuhe, Suomen Tiedeseura, Helsinki, 19.3.2018.
Talk "Memory effect, supertranslations and symmetries at null infinity", Helsinki, 27 March 2018.

List of Master's thesises (until 2008) or PhD thesises (until 2008) in theoretical physics at the University of Helsinki since 1969. For more recent thesises in particle physics see end of the link Graduate students in particle physics. Docents in theoretical physics at the University of Helsinki since 1910.

Graduate students in particle physics         Thesis defence (Kajantie), 3 Apr 1965         Thesis defence (Jokinen), 14 Jan 2003         Thesis defence (Vuorinen), 20 Dec 2003

Departmental bicycle stand         A milestone in my scientific career.

Mt. Charvin, 2409 m, 26 May 1999         Mettelhorn, 3406 m, Zermatt, 27 July 2002 (25 thumbs, each some 25k).

CV      A quantitative account of the number of papers I have refereed.