Lectures in the Spring of 2005, Wed 10-12, starting 19 Jan 2005:


1. Pages 1 to 11: Zero-mass representations of Poincare group, spinor representations of the Lorentz group, spinor representation of four-vectors, \mu -> a\dot a, susy algebra, states of N=4 susy Yang-Mills.

2. Pages 12 to 20: Discussion of ideas initiated by Witten in hep-th/0312171. Twistor space, spinor representation of helicity, F_munu in spinor representation.

3. Pages 21 to 28: Gluonic tree amplitudes for n=4,5,6. Maximally helicity violating gluon amplitudes.

4. Pages 29 to 36: Collinear factorisation of gluonic MHV amplitudes, graviton amplitudes, weak field gravity.

5. Page 37: Beyond maximum helicity violating amplitudes?

6. Pages 38 to 46: Gravity topics: AS shock waves, sign conventions, various metrics (AdS, non-extremal black 3-branes, charged black hole).

7. Pages 47 to 49: Gravity and thermodynamics.

8. Pages 50 to 58: It appeared one could not do without going through the Randall-Sundrum extra dimensional model.

9. Pages 59 to 62: And the Kaluza-Klein compactification of Einstein gravity in 5d could not be avoided, either.

9. Pages 63 to 65: A brief entry to concrete applications. Back to last pages of last year's lectures.