The family of KK's father's mother Hilma Lundén

The parents sitting here are Johan Lundén, 30.3.1866 (Rauman mlk)- and Johanna Eleonora Pietilä, 25.12.1858 (Lappi Tl)-, those standing are the son-in-law Hjalmar Kajander, Hilma Lundén, 15.11.1888 (Rauman mlk) - 28.3.1917 (Vpl Pyhäjärvi), Onni Pietari Lundén, 29.6.1898 (Rauman mlk) - and Maria Elvira Lundén, 30.9.1892 (Rauman mlk) - .

The picture was taken by Atelier Kotka, omistaa Eud. Tenkanen.

Final grades of Hilma Lundén from elementary school in Sortanlahti, 25 May 1901. She was perfect in everything but singing and handicraft.
Final grades of Hilma Lundén from middle school in Käkisalmi, 31 May 1906.
Hilma Lundén died on 28.3.1917 after giving on 4.3.1917 birth to the twins Onni and Kaarlo. She died in her home in Sortanlahti two days after her son Onni died on 26.3.1917. The story is that a nurse gave her medicine to drive out tapeworms. The medecine tasted bad and she was told to sing while tasting it, it would be easier to swallow. The consequences were fatal. The second of the twins, Kaarlo, died a little later on 18.10.1917.

Hjalmar found a cousin of his, Martta Vuorisalo (20.1.95-4.12.77) to help with the three children. She was the daughter of Hjalmar's mother's Alexina's sister Alina. They were married on 11.7.1919.

Here are pictures from 1880 of Johan Lundén and Johanna Eleonora Pietilä:
Johan Lundén's photo was taken in Helsinki, Johanna's in Rauma: