Camp Rising Sun, Rhinebeck, NY, Summer 1956

Departing from Kotka towards Boston on this tiny freighter
The Atlantic was stormy and I really experienced what seasickness is
Boys from abroad at camp
Staff at Camp; Freddie, the donor, at top right
Main building
Main building with the lawn, where many activities took place
The barn with washing etc facilities
The barn with an advertisement of the opera presentation; George Souls (left) with mother, they housed me after camp in Brooklyn
The daily assembly with distribution of tasks; a new facility building under construction
The assembly was run by the director
The boys were housed in tents, this is Buck palace
Tents were rotated but is this cleaning or removal?
One of the tasks was transporting garbage. At the back is the annex of the main building where the local newspaper was edited
Naughty boys (Trapani/Italy and Smeets/Holland) smoking secretly
From top of the hill there was a view to the neighborhood
Descending from Finnsailor after a return trip across the Atlantic from New York; in this suitcase I carried all the summer a bottle of Gordon's Gin forgotten with me upon landing in Boston. My father was very happy to get it!