List of publications

Journal articles

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    pdf (Author Version)

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    pdf (Author Version)

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*  Boldin B. & É. Kisdi (2016): Evolutionary suicide through a non-catastrophic bifurcation: Adaptive dynamics of pathogens with frequency-dependent transmission. J. Math. Biol. 72: 1101-1124.     SharedIt
    pdf (Author Version)

*  Kisdi É. & S. A. H. Geritz (2016): Adaptive dynamics of saturated polymorphisms. J. Math. Biol. 72: 1039-1079.     SharedIt
    pdf (Author Version)

*  Gyllenberg M., É. Kisdi & H. C. Weigang (2016): On the evolution of patch-type dependent immigration. J. theor. Biol. 395: 115-125.     pdf (Author Version)

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*  Vitale C. & É. Kisdi (2018): Evolutionary suicide of prey: Matsuda & Abrams' model revisited. Bull. Math. Biol., in press,
available online
    pdf (Author Version)

*  Rybicki J., E. Kisdi & J. V. Anttila (2018): A model of bacterial toxin-dependent pathogenesis explains infective dose. PNAS 115: 10690-10695.     press release on
    HU News (in Finnish)

Book chapters

*  É. Kisdi & G. Meszéna (1993): Density dependent life history evolution in fluctuating environments. In: "Adaptation in a stochastic environment", eds. C.W. Clark & J. Yoshimura, Lecture Notes in Biomathematics, vol. 98, pp. 26-62, Springer Verlag, Berlin.     abstract

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*  É. Kisdi & B. Oborny (2007): Spatial ecology: habitat loss and fragmentation (in Hungarian: Helyigény - az élõhelyek beszûkülésének és feldarabolódásának veszélyei). In: E. Pásztor & B. Oborny (eds): Ecology (Ökológia), Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó Rt., Budapest (Hungary), pp. 312-332.

Preprints and technical reports

*  Geritz S.A.H., Metz J.A.J., Kisdi É. & Meszéna G. (1996): The Dynamics of Adaptation and Evolutionary Branching. IIASA Working Paper WP-96-077.     pdf

*  Geritz S.A.H., Kisdi É., Meszéna G. & Metz J.A.J. (1996): Evolutionarily Singular Strategies and the Adaptive Growth and Branching of the Evolutionary Tree. IIASA Working Paper WP-96-114.     pdf

*  Kisdi E. & Geritz S.A.H. (1998): Adaptive Dynamics in Allele Space: Evolution of Genetic Polymorphism by Small Mutations in a Heterogeneous Environment. IIASA Interim Report IR-98-038.     pdf

*  Kisdi É. (1998): Evolutionary Branching under Asymmetric Competition. IIASA Interim Report IR-98-045.     pdf

*  Mathias A. & Kisdi É. (1999): Evolutionary Branching and Coexistence of Germination Strategies. IIASA Interim Report IR-99-014.     pdf

*  Kisdi É. & Geritz S.A.H. (1999): Evolutionary Branching and Sympatric Speciation in Diploid Populations. IIASA Interim Report IR-99-048.     pdf

*  Kisdi É., Jacobs F.J.A. & Geritz S.A.H. (2000): Red Queen Evolution by Cycles of Evolutionary Branching and Extinction. IIASA Interim Report IR-00-030.     pdf

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*  É. Kisdi & M. Gyllenberg (2004): On some misconceptions about adaptive dynamics. TUCS Technical Report 624 (ISBN 952-12-1417-1)     pdf

Popular science

*  É. Kisdi (1987): Evolutionary ecology, or who is winning? Élet és tudomány 1987, p. 1638 (in Hungarian)

*  É. Kisdi (1997): Can people be "mass-produced" by cloning? Új ember 2 April 1997, p.2 (in Hungarian)

*  É. Kisdi (1999): Arms races, coexistence and disarmament in evolution. Természet Világa 130: 535-538 (in Hungarian)

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