Genome-wide Association Studies (5cu)

Matti Pirinen, University of Helsinki

This page contains the material for the course on GWAS of Life Science Informatics Msc programme at the University of Helsinki.

The course is lectured every second year. The next course will be given in period IV of 2024-2025, that is, in March-May 2025.

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Lecture notes and exercises are by Matti Pirinen and distributed under CC-BY-SA license. The slides contain individual figures from literature, as clearly indicated on each slide, and their copyright belongs to the original publisher.

Topic Notes Slides
1. What is a GWAS? html pdf Rmd pdf
2. P-values in GWAS html pdf Rmd pdf
3. Statistical power html pdf Rmd pdf
4. Bayesian inference html pdf Rmd pdf
5. Relatedness and population structure html pdf Rmd pdf
6. Confounders and covariates html pdf Rmd pdf
7. Linkage disequilibrium (LD) and fine-mapping html pdf Rmd pdf
8. Heritability and mixed models html pdf Rmd pdf
9. Meta-analysis and summary statistics html pdf Rmd pdf
10. Genotype imputation html pdf Rmd pdf
11. Mendelian randomization html pdf Rmd pdf
12. Success and criticism of GWAS pdf

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Updated: 18-Sep-2023