Åmål-Årjängs Järnväg

Åmål-Årjängs Railway




 Fordon/Rolling stock






Rälsbuss och Släpvagn/Railbus and Trailer

Tillverkare/ Manufacturer

Tillverkningsår/ Year of manufacture

Inköpt/ Purchased


Passenger capacity

Såld/Slopad Sold/Scraped


Omb 1922

UVHJ 1930

27 st


UVHJ C 1000


UVHJ 1930

24 st


Vikt/weight 4,620 tonnes. Hästkraft/Horsepower: Fiat motor 45hp/hkr

The line to Kättilsbyn was a problem for the railway from the point of view of passenger traffic. When the line opened, the train to Årjäng, for example, would run the two kilometers up to Kättilsbyn from Hallanda and then back down to Hallanda before continuing on to Årjäng. Needless to say that this was a headache, inefficient and a waste of time. The railway management attempted to obtain capital from the local communities for the purchase of a railbus but were unsuccessful. Probably in desperation, they traded one of their new passenger cars (10) and paid an additional 6000 crowns for this railbus. The railbus solved their problem of Kättilsbyn, but it was not a comfortable vehicle. The railbus was sometimes used on other stretches of the line.

The railbus was originally a road bus built by Fiat.