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Hartmut E. H. Lenk

Professor emeritus in German language  
University of Helsinki, Faculty of ArtsDepartment of languages / German philology

Prof. Hartmut Lenk, October 2017; Photo: Linda Tammisto

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Lectures (until spring 2021) on Textlinguistics, Stylistics, Lexicology, Onomastics, Mass communication, History of the German language, History of German popular songs (in German), Persuasive Communication, Wikipedia Wrtiting (in English)  
Supervision of PhD- and M. A.-theses
Introduction into Techniques of scientific work 

My main areas of research
Contrastive medialinguistics, especially textlinguistics
international research project Styles of persuasion in Europe
German as a foreign language,
especially training of vocabulary including phraseology, 
text understanding by native speakers and foreign language learners
Personal names and the forms they are used in German and Finnish
Idioms in German popular songs including rock lyrics
History of German philology in Finland

in addition to my textlinguistic doctoral thesis one more scientific monograph (on the onomapragmatics of German and Finnish)
2 university teaching books for German as a foreign language
more than 20 edited books
Co-author of a Finnish-German dictionary (several editions)
more than 70 scientific papers on textlinguistics, press communication, phraseology, valency of nouns, rock lyrics, contrastiv onomapragmatics and German as a foreign language 
Teaching materials for German philology and German as a foreign language (printed and in the internet)
Bibliographies, many conference reports und several book reviews in different journals
Editor and translations from English and from Finnish into German
Systematic list of publications
(in German only)
Chronological list of writings
(in German only)
e-mail: Hartmut.Lenk {at}

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Last update: 06 March 2023