Research Group for Comparative Sociology

University of Helsinki 
Department of Sociology 
PO BOX 18 (Unioninkatu 35) 
00014 University of Helsinki 
Tel: (+358 9) 191 23964 
Fax: (+358 9) 191 23967
Group Members:
Marja Häyrinen-Alestalo, Professor, Head of research group

Karoliina Snell, DSocSc, postdoctoral researcher

Tuula Teräväinen, MSocSc, researcher

Terhi Tuominen, MSocSc, researcher

Aaro TupaselaDSocSc, postdoctoral researcher

Suvi-Tuuli Waltari, research assistant

Current Projects:

Past Projects
  • Towards a Multipurpose Technology Policy (MONI)
  • The Challenge of an Integrated Innovation Policy (INTEGRO)
  • Rights and Responsibilities in Biotechnology (OIVA)
  • Monitoring and Implementing Horizontal Innovation Policy (MONIT)
  • Changing  Contexts for Mediating Public Concern in the Assessment of Biotechnoscience (COMPASS
  • Science, Technology and Governance in Europe (STAGE)

The research group participates in the Finnish Post-Graduate School in Science and Technology Studies (TITEKO).

Helsinki Institute of Science and Technology Studies (HIST)

Past Projects

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