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Hannele Niemi
Tel. +358 40 555 8975
hannele.niemi [at]

Faculty of Behavioural Sciences
P.O. Box 9 (Siltavuorenpenger 5 A)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki



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Earlier research projects:

  • CICEROCICERO Learning,  The national network of cross disciplinary research on learning, Chair of the Board of the Directors 2005–
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  • CICERO-Kauppi I (2006-2007)
    The short-term review project explored the possibilities and opportunities for the
    commercialisation of innovations and results of learning research in Finland. The project
    also explored how researchers and academics viewed their role as potential developers of
    commercial products. The results of CICERO-KAUPPI project were published in CICERO
    Learning publication series, CICERO Papers, in 2007
  • Scientific Director of the national research program Life as Learning (2002–2006)

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    Niemi, H. 2007.  Life as Learning - a Finnish national research programme. In Evidence in education : linking research and policy.  Paris: OECD 2007 (Knowledge management)., pp. 117-124.

  • TLRPThe member of the the Steering Commitee Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP) tutkimusohjelman ohjausryhmän jäsen 2004–2008
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    Niemi, H. 2006. What is the value-added of programmes over a series of projects? Life as Learning programme as a case. Implementation, Scaling Up, and Sustainability Conference. OECD & TLRP. London July 6–7, 2006.  

  • IQ Form - The Virtual University project (2000-2004)

    The system consists of a large data bank which contains different kinds of instruments of mapping needs of learning and learners on the Web. The instruments are used to evaluate learning profiles and styles - when learning alone or in collaboration. With the help of the system there can be gathered up quantitative and qualitative feedback which can be analyzed e.g. by a Bayesian technique.

    The system is suitable for tutoring when studying on the Web; it operates as a student's support during his/her studies and gives feedback to teachers, designers and Web material producers already during the course. Guidance given by the IQ Learn motivates him/her to develop his/her strengths and learning strategies based on the self-assessment tests.

    The project has published the book: Theoretical Understandings for Learning the Virtual University (Eds. Hannele Niemi & Pekka Ruohotie). Hämeenlinna: RCVE (Research Center for Vocational Education and Training)
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. Development of teacher education

”LEARNINGSPACE – Crossboundary European Scenarios on Learning”, Coordinator, The European research project for the development of webb based learning environments, 2001–2003