Lecture notes and talks by Kari Rummukainen

Miscellanous talks:

Painovoima-aallot: uusi ikkuna maailmankaikkeuteen, public talk, Tampere 8.12.2017
Searching for the conformal window, Humboldt University, 10.1.2011.
Technicolor on the lattice, Invited talk at "Quark confinement and hadron spectrum IX", Madrid, 30.8-3.9.2010.
Technicolor and conformal window on the lattice, CERN TH seminar, August 2010
LAGUNA: underground neutrino and proton stability experiment, University of Helsinki, November 2009
From actions to answers, colloquium about lattice QCD, University of Jyväskylä, February 2009
QCD plasma instability and thermalization, Santa Barbara, February 2008
QCD Equation of state in perturbation theory (and beyond), at workshop "Physics at high baryon density", Trento, March 2006
Duality and scaling in type II superconductor phase transition , at workshop "COSLAB 2004", Ambleside 10-17 September 2004
Pressure in hot QCD - how non-perturbative it is?, CERN TH seminar, 19. October 2003
Higgs mechanism without a Higgs particle with extra dimensions (.pdf), Helsinki, 4 March 2003
The inverted XY universality of the superconductivity phase transition, Lattice 2002
Hard thermal loops and the sphaleron rate on the lattice, Lattice '99, Pisa
The Universality Class of the Electroweak Theory, workshop "Thermal field theory", Regensburg, August 1998
The Electroweak Phase Transition: Precision Results, CERN, March 1997
Scattering lengths and resonance parameters from lattice simulations , Lexington, Kentucky, November 1995
Results from 3d Electroweak phase transition simulations , Lattice 1995, Melbourne

Lecture notes:

Introduction to the Standard Model, May 2010 (Tvärminne summer school, for 1st year physics students, in Finnish)

Monte Carlo simulation methods, 2008, Oulu

Lattice simulation methods, spring 2003, Helsinki
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Physics on the lattice, Hillerod 2001, Denmark
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lecture set 1
lecture set 2
lecture set 3

Summer School on Monte Carlo Methods, Espoo 1999
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Cluster algorithms
Multicanonical methods