Helsinki Stickleback Group

Ulrika Candolin
Dept of Biosciences
P.O. Box 65
University of Helsinki


Aim of our research

Environments around the world are changing rapidly because of human activities. We investigate the ability of organisms to adjust to these changes, through phenotypic plasticity and genetic changes. Much of our research is focussed on behavioural responses, as these often represent the first response to changing conditions. Behavioural responses can be either adaptive or maladaptive, depending on how they influence fitness. They can have profound implications for population viability and the evolution of species.

To reach our aims, we combine investigations of natural populations in the field with experimental work in the laboratory. The research centres around reproductive behaviours, as these are important determinants of both individual fitness and population viability. With the work, we hope to increase our knowledge of how organisms respond to altered conditions and the consequences that the responses can have for biodiversity and ecosystem processes in rapidly changing environments.

Stikcleback pair