Past Projects:

Molecular medicine and public health in Finland

Re-thinking Public Participation in Biomedical Research

The Privatization of Public Knowledge
A master’s thesis component of a larger research project, Innovation Policy and the New Action Logics of Universities, headed by Dos. Marja Häyrinen-Alestalo.  The project analyses the ability of three universities in the Helsinki region to adapt to the pressures of national innovation policies that strive to utilize university research with increased intensity in commercial applications and services.  Funded by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, 1998-2001.

Tracing Knowledge Flows in the Finnish Innovation System – Capturing and Capitalizing Interaction in the Knowledge-Based Economy
Assisting in a project headed by Prof. Erkko Autio and Martin Meyer at the Helsinki University of Technology.  The goal is to compile a national database of patenting activities of Finnish university researchers and their patenting activities in the US.  The data will serve as a basis from which more detailed interviews will be conducted with university researchers as well as companies utilizing university research.  Funded by Tekes and Sitra, 2000-2002.


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