JS Salonen

J. Sakari Salonen

Docent (University of Helsinki)
Academy of Finland Research Fellow

E-mail: sakari.salonen@helsinki.fi

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I am a geoscientist, currently working as an Academy of Finland research fellow at the University of Helsinki. My foremost area of expertise is paleoclimatology, the study of Earth's past climate changes. My recent research focuses on Earth's past warm climate periods and past changes in the Atlantic oceanic circulation.

I am also an active science communicator and popular-science writer.

In my spare time I enjoy rock music, cooking (especially Indian, Italian, and Middle Eastern cuisines), traveling, reading, and long walks.

Curriculum vitae

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My Finnish-language popular-scientific book came out in September 2021. It received the 2022 Lauri Jäntti Prize for the best non-fiction book of the year.

My blog "Syvä aika" ("Deep time", in Finnish).

Selected recent publications

Scientific papers

Salonen JS, Sánchez-Goñi MF, Renssen H, Plikk A (2021) Contrasting northern and southern European winter climate trends during the Last Interglacial. Geology 49:1220–1224. Online version (open access).

Rijal DP, Heintzman PD, Lammers Y, Yoccoz NG, Lorberau KE, Pitelkova I, Goslar T, Ancin Murguzur FJ, Salonen JS, Helmens KF, Bakke J, Edwards ME, Alm T, Brathen KA, Brown AG, Greve Alsos I (2021) Sedimentary ancient DNA shows terrestrial plant richness continuously increased over the Holocene in northern Fennoscandia. Science Advances 7:eabf9557. Online version (open access).

Sánchez Goñi MF, Fourcade T, Salonen JS, Lesven J, Frigola J, Swingedouw D, Sierro FJ (2021) Muted cooling and drying of NW Mediterranean in response to the strongest last glacial North American ice surges. Geological Society of America Bulletin 133:451–460. Online version (paywall).

Lahtinen M, Clinnick D, Mannermaa K, Salonen JS, Viranta S (2021) Excess protein enabled dog domestication during severe Ice Age winters. Scientific Reports 11:7. Online version (open access).

Salonen JS, Korpela M, Williams JW, Luoto M (2019) Machine-learning based reconstructions of primary and secondary climate variables from North American and European fossil pollen data. Scientific Reports 9:15805. Online version (open access).

Popular science

Salonen JS (2022) Muinaisilmastojen muistutukset (in Finnish). Yliopisto 1/2022:50–51. Verkkoversio (open access).

Salonen JS (2021) Viisi maailmanloppua: maapallon historia ja ihmiskunnan tulevaisuus (in Finnish). Gaudeamus, Helsinki, 285 pp.

Salonen JS (2021) Lämpenee vai kylmenee – heikkeneekö Golf-virta? (in Finnish). Natura 3/2021:30–35. Verkkoversio (open access).

Paterson K, Maguire S, Salonen JS, Zalasiewicz J (2021) Art meets geology Geologi 73:66–71. Online version (open access).

Salonen JS (2021) Tutkija: Näin ilmastonmuutos auttoi ihmistä kesyttämään suden koiraksi (in Finnish). Suomen Luonto. Online version (open access).