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  Taxonomic history of the genus Aristonectes Cabrera, 1941  


After O'Keefe, 2001 and Gasparini, Bardet, Martin & Fernández, 2003

Aristonectes Cabrera, 1941
        †Turneria Chatterjee & Small, 1989 (preoccupied)
        †Morturneria Chatterjee & Creisler, 1994

    †Aristonectes parvidens Cabrera, 1941
        †Turneria seymourensis Chatterjee & Small, 1989 (preoccupied)
        †Morturneria seymourensis (Chatterjee & Small, 1989) Chatterjee & Creisler, 1994


In his phylogenetic analysis of plesiosaurs, O'Keefe (2001) did not treat Aristonectes Cabrera, 1941. He mentions it in passing, stating that it is very similar to Antarctic genus Morturneria Chatterjee & Creisler, 1994. Based on his analysis O'Keefe places Morturneria to a rather obscure basal cryptoclidoid family "Cimoliasauridae" Delair, 1959. "Cimoliasauridae" in itself is of doubtful validy, since it is based on a invalid genus Cimoliasaurus Leidy, 1851

In a more recent paper by Gasparini et al. (2003) Aristonectes is treated as a Elasmosaurid genus. They also classify Morturneria as a junior synonym of Aristonectes.



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