After Carroll 1988, and Milner, 1994

<==o Batrachomorpha [Amphibia sensu lato]
   |--o †Colosteoidea
   |  `--o †Colosteidae
   |     |-- †Colosteus
   |     |-- †Greererpeton
   |     `-- †Pholidogaster
   `--o Amphibia sensu stricto [Lissampbibia sensu lato]
      |?- Microsauria [incl. Gymnophiona and Urodela (salamanders)]
      `-- Temnospondyli (panssarisammakot, labyrithodontit) [incl. Salientia (frogs)]


Phylogeny of Amphibias are particulary murky. Carroll (1988) gives view that modern amphibians [Lissamphibia] is a polyphyletic group, gymnophionas and salamanders being advanced microsaurs and frogs being advanced temnospondyls.

Milner (1994) however presents a view of monophyletic Lissamphibia, which sistergroup are plagiosaur-dissorophoids.

Yates & Warren (2000) present a new phylogenetic analysis of Temnospondyli, but it didn't include lissamphibians.