Presentations by Kaius Sinnemäki

Reviewed presentations and panel discussions:

The processing basis of typological distributions: A survey. Poster presentation at the 47th annual meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE2014), Poznan, 11.-14.9.2014.

Trade-offs between head and dependent marking: A typological study. Syntax of the World's Languages VI (SWL6), Pavia, 8.-10.9.2014. [pdf]

Effects of adult second language acquisition on inflectional synthesis. Language Contact: The State of the Art, Helsinki, 28.-30.8.2014. [pdf]

Inflectional synthesis as a typological non-predictor? A poster presentation at Morphology Fest: Symposium on Morphological Complexity, Bloomington (IN), 16.-20.6.2014.

Debate on linguistic complexity. 44th Poznan Linguistic Meeting (PLM2013), Poznan, 29.8.2013.

What is complexity? Workshop on Formal linguistics and the measurement of grammatical complexity, Seattle, Washington, 23.-24.3.2012. [abstract] [pdf]

Differential object marking: A cross-linguistic study. Workshop Differential object marking: Theoretical and empirical issues in the conference Case in and across languages, Helsinki, Finland, 27.8.2009. [pdf]

Word order in zero-marking languages: A typological study. Eigth biennial meeting of the Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT VIII), Berkeley, USA, 23.-26.7.2009. [pdf] [maps & figures]

General, specific or common linguistics (in Finnish). Linguistic Association of Finland panel meeting at the 36. Finnish Conference of Linguistics, Jyväskylä, 15.5.2009.

Iconicity and economy in motivating word order of zero-marking languages. Language, Communication and Cognition: International Conference, Brighton, UK, 4.-7.8.2008.

Complexity invariance and functional/usage-based linguistics. Cognitive and Functional Perspectives on Dynamic Tendencies in Languages, Tartu, Estonia, 29.5.-1.6.2008.

Linear order in argument marking and information structure. Seventh biennial meeting of the Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT VII), Paris, France, 25.-28.9.2007.

Functional load and complexity compensations in core argument marking: a typological study. 40th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea: Functionalism in Linguistics, Joensuu, Finland, 29.8.-1.9.2007.

Complexity trade-offs in core argument marking and size of speech community. Workshop on Language Complexity as an Evolving Variable, Leipzig, Germany, 12.-14.4.2007.

Languages with SOV word order and no morphological marking of core arguments. Rara and Rarissima – Collecting and interpreting unusual characteristics of human languages, Leipzig, Germany, 29.3.-1.4.2006.

Compensations in the marking of core arguments. Leipzig Students’ Conference in Linguistics, Leipzig, Germany, 25.–26.3.2006.

Complex relationships between case marking, agreement and word order. Approaches to Complexity in Language, Helsinki, 24.–26.8.2005.

Trade-offs between linguistic subsystems: evidence for equal complexity of languages? Sixth biennial meeting of the Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT VI), Padang, Indonesia, 21.–25.7.2005.

Complexity of Right-Branching Structures. 20th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics, Helsinki, 7.–9.1.2004.

Critical view on Hypotactic Clauses and Embedded Clauses. Syntactic Functions –Focus on the Periphery, Helsinki, 15.–16.11.2003.


On big data and cross-linguistic research. New Research Frontiers: Digital Humanities, Big Data, and Social Network Analysis, Helsinki, 21-22.1.2015.

Language complexity: A multidisciplinary opportunity for linguists? Talk at the Department of Linguistics, University of California Santa Barbara, 3.6.2014.

Kielen prosessoinnin vaikutuksesta typologisiin jakaumiin [On the effects of language processing on typological distributions]. Talk at the research seminar of General Linguistics, Department of Modern Languages, University of Helsinki, 5.2.2014.

Language complexity: Why is it relevant for typologists? Talk at the Department of General Linguistics, University of Zürich, 26.11.2013. [pdf]

A linear order preference from the point of view of linguistic complexity. Guest lecture. Max Plank Insitute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, 19.9.2006.

Other presentations:

Kieltenvälinen näkökulma objektin differentiaaliseen sijanmerkintään [A cross-linguistic perspective to differential case marking of the object]. 40. Kielitieteen päivät [Finnish Conference of Linguistics], Tampere, 2.-4.5.2013.

Yksinkertaisesti paras! [Simply the best!]. Kielitieteen ja kieliteknologian monet kasvot [Many Faces of Linguistics and Language Technology], Helsinki, 1.6.2012.

Unkarin typologinen profiili WALS-tietokannan valossa [Typological profile of Hungarian in the light of WALS database]. 35. Kielitieteen päivät [Finnish Conference of Linguistics], Vaasa, 23.-24.5.2008.

Kompleksisuuden korrelaatioita ydinargumenttien merkinnässä [Complexity correlations in core argument marking]. Langnetin kauden 2003-2006 päätöskonferenssi [The concluding conference of Langnet 2003-2006], Joensuu, 30.11.-2.12.2006.

Ongelmia ja mahdollisuuksia kielen kompleksisuuden mittaamisessa [Problems and possibilities in measuring language complexity]. 33. Kielitieteen päivät [Finnish Conference of Linguistics], Turku, 4.–5.5.2006.

Word-order typology with relation to morphological complexity. 32. Kielitieteen päivät, Tampere, 19.–20.5.2005.

Generatiivinen kielioppi: motto: kieli on itsenäinen yksikkö aivoissa. Kielen monet kuvaukset – Suomen kielitieteellisen yhdistyksen (SKY) posteriesittely Tieteen päivillä 13.1.2005. (with Pauli Salo)

Sivulauseiden monimutkaisista suhteista [On the complicated relationships between subordinate clauses]. 31. Kielitieteen päivät, Kompleksisuustyöpaja [Finnish Conference of Linguistics, Workshop on language complexity], Tallinna, 6.–7.5.2004.

Suomen inessiivin ja adessiivin kuvauksesta kognitiivisen kieliopin avulla. Kielen koko kyky -seminaari, Espoo, 23.–24.4.2004. (with Juha Yliniemi)

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