MARV4/2 2007 - Study area

Area in aerial photo
The fictious forest holding in Hyytiälä is 56.85 hectares in size and comprises naturally and artifially regenerated stands - mostly on mineral soils. It is surrounded by the Texasin rata and the Pilkotun tie roads. Polygon that delineates the area - approximately as it was drawn at the 180 m elevation from a non-rectified aerial photo.

Aerial views of the area in 1962, 1973 and 1985.  The 1985 photo indicates that youngest stands are from realy 1980s. The largest old growth, Kalelan Kuusikko, is in the SE corner.

The 2004 sparse LiDAR provided a DTM in 1 m resolution, which is projected here in an aerial view. The DTM is in the orthometric N60 system and ranges from 164.3 to 197.4 m in the study area. The topography guarantees variation in site conditions. 

Meadian height based on LiDAR
LiDAR from 2004 was used here to produce a map of basal-area median height (HGM) in a systematic 50 x 50 m grid. The method is described in Suvanto et al. 2005. It is based on the properties of the cumulative height distribution of LiDAR points that form the explanatory variables for regression modeling.  The mean height ranged from 7 to 27 meters in a set of 224 plots with a radius of 7.99 meters.

Basal area based on LiDAR
LiDAR-based estimates of basal area. Regression estimation method of Suvanto et al. 2005. The basal area ranged ed from 2 to 39 m2/ha in a set of 224 plots having a radius of 7.99 meters.