MARV42Polkyttaja - Program for computing the total stem volume and volumes of sortiments using taper curves

The program is written in Visual Basic, Here is a Zip-file with executable and source.

The program inputs records in ascii, comma delimited file c:\data\in_trees.txt and prints the output in c:\data\out_trees.txt.

Input variables are
  • Plot-ID
  • Tree-ID
  • Species (1 = pine, 2 = spruce, >= 3 Birch)
  • d13 (cm)
  • h (m)
The code has taper curves for Pine, Spruce and Birch. Species coded > 3 are calculated using taper curves for Birch by Laasasenaho 1982. Minimum diameters for sawlogs are 15.5, 16 and 18 cm and for pulplogs 7 cm.  Sawlog lengths 43 dm - 61 dm, pulplogs ? (needs to be checked!).
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Output variables are

  • PlotID
  • TreeID
  • Sp 
  • ToTVol, dm3
  • SawVol, dm3
  • PulpVol, dm3,
  • TopVol, dm3
  • Stumpheight, m
  • SawTopHeight, m
  • PulpTopHeight, m

How to

Prepare the in_trees.txt file, start the program, Menu-command (File | Open Input File and Perform Bucking) starts and runs the process.