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Jarno Vanhatalo


Contact information:

Assistant professor Jarno Vanhatalo

Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Kumpula campus)
Exactum building, room D313
Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2b
P.O. Box 68
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

Department of Biosciences (Viikki Kampus)
Biocenter 3, room 5717
Viikinkaari 3
P.O. Box 65
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

e-mail: jarno.vanhatalo(a)
Phone: +358 50 3175494


Jarno Vanhatalo

Jarno Vanhatalo,
(D.Sc. tech) Assistant professor of statistics

I am an assistant professor of statistics at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Faculty of Science) and the Organismal and Evolutionary Biology Research Program (Faculty of Bio- and Environmental Sciences) in University of Helsinki. This is a shared position including research and teaching activities in both departments.

For information on my research and research group see
Environmental and Ecological Statistics group.

I am also part of Biostatistics groups and the Research Centre for Ecological Change. I am also one of the developers of the Gaussian processes modeling software GPstuff

My bibliographic information can be found, e.g., from Google Scholar, TUHAT research database, Scopus and my list of publications.