Problems with Chandra RK (1992) Lancet 340:1124-7

Effect of vitamin and trace-element supplementation

on immune responses and infection in elderly subjects.

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Collected by:
Harri Hemilä
Department of Public Health
University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
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The Chandra 1992 paper in Lancet has been particularly influential in the field of nutrition and infections diseases.
It has been cited over 340 times by July 2009 (Web of Science).

Chandra had been a respected nutritionist, e.g.
Chandra received the McCollum award in 1990
E.V. McCollum Award: Given to a clinical investigator who is perceived currently as a major creative force, actively generating new concepts in nutrition and personally seeing to the execution of studies testing the validity of these concepts. The cash award and inscribed plaque are sponsored by Wyeth Nutrition.
Ranjit Chandra has twice been nominated for the Nobel Prize in medicine.
He is an officer of the Order of Canada, the holder of five honorary doctorates and a visiting professor at universities on four continents.

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