Some of Eva's OS, software and other preferences

I got my first PC in 1988, and my first modem in 1989. Since then, I've been hooked to this medium in many ways.

My current #1 computer (click the screenshot above to check the WindowMaker theme) is called bruichladdich (it's named after an Islay whisky). See my SETI@home statistics produced mostly on it.

I usually spend some time (too much of it, probably!) in LysKOM.

Currently, my home OS is Linux, and the distribution I'm running now is Debian (woody). I started with Slackware, tried RedHat, but wouldn't go back to them anymore, I think. I also have an OpenBSD firewall.

I use a variety of editors - online, I'll probably use XEmacs but any common, basic editor will do. I also try to keep up some basic LaTeX skills. As for writing html code, I do that by hand with any old plain text editor, aiming at Lynx compatibility.

For e-mail, I use Mutt and for Usenet News, my favourite newsreader is Slrn. I'll read news, but I'm more of a mail based person.

I started my first mailing list in 1993, and since then, I've gathered rather a lot of experience with mailing lists. I run and administer Majordomo on two systems, and manage three Listserv lists. Both are good software for mailing list management, although neither is perfect. I'm currently moving some lists from majordomo over to Mailman software. My choice for a mail to html archiver is Mhonarc.

I feel rather strongly about the misuse of internet resources for sending unsolicited commercial e-mail - check EuroCauce for information about how to fight spam in Europe.

My choice for web server is Apache.

I've had to try to master tools like Sendmail and to handle DNS. I don't claim to be an expert on either, though. Really, "a little bit of everything" rather describes my expertise.

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