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Edited volumes and journal issues:

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Book reviews: 

Tupasela, A. (2005) Book review (Päätöksenteon problematiikkaa purkamassa): Kuinka päättää geenitutkimuksiin osallistumisesta? Normatiivinen ja sosiologinen analyysi bayesilaisen menetelmän kelposuudesta avuksi by Seppo Poutanen.  Sosiologia 42/2, 157-158. (In Finnish)

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Popular and other texts:

Tournay, V. and Tupasela, A. (2009) Guest editorial: Making a Diffuse Group Consistent and Substantial: Toward a Sociology of Social Texture. Science Studies 22(2): 2-6.

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Unpublished and online texts:

Tupasela, A. (2005) The Turtle and the Hare – Biobanking and the First-mover Dilemma. On-line PDF.

Tupasela, A. (2000) Master’s Thesis, University of Helsinki, September 2000
The Privatization of Public Knowledge – Innovation Policy and Intellectual Property Rights at the University of Helsinki.  117 pages.

Conferences and Papers

5.12.2007 "From Standards to Concerted Programs of Collective Action - The Standardization Process of Medical Practices", Paris, France.  
Invited speaker; paper title: Database Federation and Biobanking: Setting Standards for Global Computing.  Paper available on request.

12.10.2007 "HNPCC Research Workshop", Vanajanlinna, Finland.
Invited speaker, paper title: Genetic Subjecthood - Governing Hereditary Disease in the Age of Autonomy.

6.9.2007 "Conflict, Citizenship and Civil Society", 8th Conference of the ESA. Glasgow, Scotland.  Paper title: Re-examining Medical Modernization in Biomedical Research.

12.10.2005   “The Politics of Biobanking”, Helsinki, Finland
Seminar organizer and presenter.  Paper title:
Building Tissue Economies from Tissue Collections – Biomedical Research and Policy in Finland

9-12.9.2005 "Re-thinking Inequalities" - 7th Conference of the ESA. Torun, Poland
Paper title: The Empire Strikes Back? Framing Public Opinion in Finnish Biomedical Research.

10 - 11.5.2005 "Technology. Between Enthusiasm and Resistance (TEER2005)". Jyväskylä, Finland.
Paper title: The Turtle and the Hare – Biobanking and the First-mover Dilemma.

28-29.1.2005 "Biotech Age". Lisbon, Portugal
Paper title: Biomedical Research Destabilizing Established Frameworks: Hereditary Disease, Pevention and the Challenge of Regulation.

2-3.10.2004 "Prevention - Prophylactic measures and Welfare in Nordic Countries, the Past and the present." 
Paper title: Cancer Research and prevention in Finland - the Case of HNPCC.

25-28.8.2004 "Public Proofs - Science, Technology and Democracy." EASST/4S conference. Paris, France.  Session organizer with Raymund Werle for 'Property and Ownership in the Life Sciences.'
Presented paper: From World Heritage to Proprietary Asset: Transforming Tissues From Public Resource to Private Property.

12-13.3.2004 "ELSA Biobank Project Workshop", Vienna, Austria
Presented paper: From Discovery to Policy in Finnish Biomedical Research - Locating Tissue Collections in Tissue Economies.

29-30.9.2003 "Biotech Society", Espoo, Finland
Presented paper: From potential to asset:deploying national tissue sample collections in medical research.

11-13.7.2003 "Devices and Designs: Medical Innovation in Historical Perspective", Manchester, UK
Presented paper: Knowledge production processes and technology policy: reformulating national legislation involving medical research. 

27.5.2003 SATSU Seminar series. Presented paper: Socio-economic and politico-scientific concerns in Finnish medicolegal reform.

7-13.7.2002 "The social world in the 21st century: ambivalent legacies and rising challenges. International Sociological Association XV World Congress of Sociology, Brisbane, Australia.  Presented paper: Biotechnology and a new world order?

28.8-1.9.2001 ”Visions and Divisions: Challenges to European Sociology”, Helsinki Finland
Presented paper: Can Biotechnology Meet Governmental Demands? Research Groups as Economic Engines.

23 –24.3.2001  “Sosiologi päivät Rovaniemellä” Rovaniemi, Finland
Science and technology research workgroup organizer.

27-30.9.2000  “Worlds in Transition” 4S/EASST Conference, Vienna, Austria
Presented paper: Intellectual Property Rights and Patenting: Can Centralized Technology Transfer Save Public Research?

20.3.2000 Science Studies seminar, Helsinki, Finland
Presented paper: The Privatization of Public Knowledge – IPR and Patenting at the University of Helsinki


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