You can reuse linguistic documentation and grammars to start a Helsinki Finite-State Transducer (HFST) supported language project on the Giellatekno infrastructure (GT)

Reuse of open-source documentational research with collaboration between native speakers and scientists is a Citizen Science approach to minority language development and multilingual facilitation.

The Kone Foundation has a «Language Programme» it has fostered since 2012. This has been a generous source for support in documentation, research and development of minority Finno-Ugrian languages. Naturally, the marriage of documentation and resource development is best provided for when there are numerous instances contributing to the same end. Here we should mention work done in open-source language technology at Helsinki Finite-State Technologies (HFST), development of a Finnish spell checker (Voikko), which has been applied for other languages, as well, the Sami language infrastructure (Giellatekno) and tool developers at (Divvun).

Example of twolc and lexc combined in the declension of the Votic noun tüttö 'girl'.

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