Theoretical Extragalactic Research Group

The 10 most recent publications from the research group:

  1. 1) Barycentric interpolation on Riemannian and semi-Riemannian spaces
    P. Pihajoki, M. Mannerkoski, P.H. Johansson
    , 2019, MNRAS, 489, 4161

  2. 2) The nature of submillimetre and highly star-forming galaxies in the EAGLE simulations
    S. McAlpine, I. Smail, R.G. Bower, A.M. Swinbank, J.W. Trayford, T. Theuns, M. Baes, P. Camps, R.A. Crain, J. Schaye, 2019, MNRAS, 488, 2440

  3. 3) The formation of Low-metallicity Globular Clusters in Dwarf Galaxy Mergers
    N. Lahén
    , T.Naab, P.H. Johansson, B. Elmegreen, C.-Y. Hu, S. Walch, 2019, ApJL, 879, 18

  4. 4)The diverse evolutionary pathways of post-starburst galaxies
    M.M. Pawlik, S. McAlpine, J.W. Trayford, V. Wild, R.G. Bower, R.A. Crain, M. Schaller, J. Schaye, Nature Astronomy, 3, 440

  5. 5)The abundances and properties of Dual AGN and their host galaxies in the EAGLE simulations
    Y.M. Rosas-Guevara, R.G. Bower, S. McAlpine, S. Bonoli, P.B. Tissera, 2019, 483, 2712

  6. 6) The simultaneous formation of cored, tangentially biased, and kinematically decoupled centers in   massive early-type galaxies
    A. Rantala,
    P.H. Johansson, T. Naab, J. Thomas, M. Frigo, 2019, ApJL, 872, 17

  7. 7) The aftermath of the Great Collision between our Galaxy and the Large Magellanic Cloud
    M. Cautun, A.J. Deason, C.S. Frenk, S. McAlpine, 2019, MNRAS, 483, 2185

  8. 8) Authenticating the Presence of a Relativistic Massive Black Hole Binary in OJ 287 Using Its General Relativity Centenary Flare: Improved Orbital Parameters
    L. Dey, M.J. Valtonen, A. Gopakumar, S. Zola, R. Hudec,
    P. Pihajoki
    et al., 2018, ApJ, 866, 11

  9. 9)The formation of extremely diffuse galaxy cores by merging supermassive black holes
    A. Rantala, P.H. Johansson, T. Naab, J. Thomas, M. Frigo, 2018, ApJ, 864, 113

  10. 10) General Purpose Ray Tracing and Polarized Radiative Transfer in General Relativity
    P. Pihajoki, M. Mannerkoski, J. Nättilä, P.H. Johansson, 2018, ApJ, 863, 8

Current members in the research group:

Prof. Peter Johansson (group leader)
Dr. Till Sawala (Academy research fellow)

Dr. Pauli Pihajoki (University researcher)

Dr. Stuart McAlpine (postdoc)

M.Sc. Natalia Lahén (PhD student)
M.Sc. Matias Mannerkoski (PhD student)

B.Sc. Vili Oja (undergraduate student)

B.Sc. Joonas Suortti (undergraduate student)

Past members of the research group:

Dr. John Regan (Royal Society fellow at Dublin City University)
Dr. Antti Rantala (Postdoc at MPA)

Collaborators at the University of Helsinki:
Prof. Alexis Finoguenov
Prof. Kari Enqvist
Dr. Mika Juvela
Dr. Hannu Kurki-Suonio
Dr. Syksy Räsänen

External Collaborators:
Dr. Thorsten Naab (MPA)

Dr. Jens Thomas (MPE)
Prof. Jeremiah Ostriker (Columbia/Princeton)

Dr. John Regan (Dublin City University)
Dr. Vivienne Wild (St. Andrews)
Prof. John Wise (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Dr. Petri Väisänen (South African Astronomical Observatory)
Prof. Carlos Frenk (Durham)

Prof. Simon White (MPA)

Prof. Andreas Burkert (Munich)
Prof. Martin Haehnelt (Cambridge)
Prof. Rachel Somerville (Rutgers)

Dr. Ben Moster (Munich)

Dr. Ena Choi (Rutgers)
Dr. Rhea-Silvia Remus (Munich)

Supervision of theses:

Recent Ph.D. Theses completed in the research group:

  1. 1) Antti Rantala: “Modeling supermassive black hole dynamics in galactic-scale numerical simulations”, July, 2019

Recent M.Sc. Theses completed in the research group:

  1. 6) Anni Järvenpää: “Statistical estimation of the Local Group Mass”, December, 2018

  2. 5) Matias Mannerkoski: “Ray-Tracing Based Polarized Radiative Transfer in General Spacetimes, March, 2018

  3. 4) Lasse Liljedahl: “The Effects of Supernova Feedback on Disk Galaxy Formation”, December, 2017

  4. 3) Natalia Lahén: “Equal-mass Galaxy Mergers: Initial Conditions and Subresolution Astrophysics”, April, 2015

  5. 2) Antti Rantala: “Forming Galaxies in Cosmological Zoom-in Simulations”, March, 2014.

  6. 1) Heidi Yli-Kankahila: “Formation of Early-type galaxies through mergers of gas-rich disk galaxies”, October, 2012.

    Recent B.Sc. Theses completed in the research group (in Finnish):

  7. 10) Pekka Lampio: “Logaritmisen Hamiltonin funktion käyttö taivaanmekaniikassa”, June, 2019

  8. 9) Kasper Siilin: “Kahden jakson inflaatio ja rakenteenmuodostus standardi-LCDM-kosmologiassa”, August, 2018

  9. 8) Vili Oja: “Ellipsigalaksien rakenne, synty ja kehitys”, July,  2018

  10. 7) Sanna Damsted: “Missä ovat puuttuvat kääpiögalaksit? - Tutkielma havaintojen ja LCDM-teorian välillä vallitsevan ristiriidan nykytilasta”, August, 2017

  11. 6) Antton Luoma “Spiraaligalaksien rakenne ja kehitys”, February 2016

  12. 5) Anni Järvenpää: “AMR-simulaatiotulosten visualisointi Pythonilla yt-pakettia käyttäen”, July 2015

  13. 4) Akke Viitanen: “Universumin suuren mittakaavan rakenne”, July 2015

  14. 3) Jussi Aaltonen: “Pimeä aine ja maailmankaikkeuden rakenteenmuodostus, March, 2015.

  15. 2) Natalia Lahén: “Galaksienväliset vuorovaikutukset”,
    February, 2014.

  16. 1) Antti Rantala: “Pimeä energia ja maailmankaikkeuden kiihtyvä laajeneminen”, July, 2012.

Research topics for B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. Theses:

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