Heikki Patomäki: List of Publications

A. Single- and co-authored monographs

1.  Maailmamme rajat. Rakentava katsaus maailmanpolitiikan kriittisten teorioiden mahdollisuuksiin, [Border-Lines of Our World. A Constructive Review of Critical Theoretical Research of World Politics], Rauhantutkimusyhdistys: Tampere, 1992, 174 p.

2.  Critical Realism and World Politics. An Explication of a Critical Theoretical and Possibilistic Methodology for the Study of World Politics, Studies on Political Science No 12, Department of Political Science, University of Turku, 1992, 401 p.

3.  Maailmanpolitiikan moraali [Morality in World Politics], with E.Lagerspetz and J.Räikkä, Edita: Helsinki, 1996, 116 p.

4.  Vain kauppakumppaneita? EU, Venäjä ja EU:n ulkosuhteiden rakenteistuminen, [Only Trading Partners? EU, Russia and the Structuration of the External relations of the EU], UPI (Haasteita 11): Helsinki, 1996, 121 p.

5.  Yhdentymisen politiikkaa: Suomi ja Emu globaalissa poliittisessa taloudessa [Politics of Unification: Finland and EMU in the Global Political Economy], with P.Minkkinen, Like: Helsinki, 1997, 197 p.

6.  Democratising Globalisation. The Leverage of the Tobin Tax, Zed Books: London and New York, 2001, xxiii + 260 p. An early version of the manuscript, containing roughly the chapters 4-7, was published in Finnish in 1999 as Tobinin vero ja sen toteutus. Kohti oikeudenmukaisempaa ja demokraattisempaa globaalia taloutta [The Tobin Tax and How to Make It Real. Towards a More Just and Democratic Global Economy], Like: Helsinki, 198 p. Ch 4 has been republished as “The Case for the Tobin Tax and Global Re-Regulation”, in Part Four: International Political Economy in The New Millennium: Emerging Issues and Theories of the 5-vol series International Political Economy (SAGE Library of International Relations), ed. by A.Cameron , R.Palan & A.Nesvetailova, Sage: London, 2008.

7.  After International Relations. Critical Realism and the (Re)Construction of World Politics, Routledge: London and New York, 2002, xii + 267 p.

8.  A Possible World: Democratic Transformation of Global Institutions, with T.Teivainen, Zed Books: London and New York, 2004, 242 p. The Finnish version, published in 2003 as Globaali demokratia, Gaudeamus: Helsinki, 263 p, is an amended translation of an early working paper version Global Democracy Initiatives: The Art of Possible, NIGD Working Paper 2/2002: Helsinki & Nottingham, 222 p. Full translations available in Arabic Ālam āḫir mumkin : al-taḥawwul al-dīmuqrāṭī lil-mu'assasāt al-‘ālamīya, Al-Markaz al-Qaumī: Cairo, 2008, and Spanish Democracia Global, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos: Lima, 2008. Moreover, the third part is available in Swedish as ”Ett utkast till strategier för global demokratisering” [An Outline of Strategies for Global Democratization] , in Fronesis, no:16-17, 2004, pp.41-59; and has also been re-published in English in N.Yeates & C.Holder (eds.): The Global Social Policy Reader, Policy Press: Bristol, 2009, pp.387-404.

9.  Yliopisto Oyj. Tulosjohtamisen ongelmat – ja vaihtoehto [University Inc. The Problems of the ‘New Public Management’ – And an Alternative], Gaudeamus: Helsinki, May 2005, 191 p.

10. Uusliberalismi Suomessa. Lyhyt historia ja tulevaisuuden vaihtoehdot[Neoliberalism in Finland. A Brief History and Future Alternatives], WSOY: Helsinki, 2007, 282 p.

11. The Political Economy of Global Security. War, Future Crises and Changes in Global Governance, Routledge: London and New York, 2008, 292 p.

12. The Great Eurozone Disaster: From Crisis to Global New Deal (Economic Controversies). Zed Books: London & New York, 2013, 274 p.; an earlier version was published in Finnish in February 2012 as Eurokriisin anatomia. Mitä globalisation jälkeen? [The Anatomy of the Eurocrisis: What Will Come After Globalisation?], Into: Helsinki, 222 p.; a Greek edition was published by Metaixmio in Athens in May 2013; and a new expanded and slightly revised paperback edition in Finnish in October 2013, 247 p.

13. Tulevaisuuden politiikkaa [Future Politics], Into: Helsinki, 2013, 186 p.

14. Suomen talouspolitiikan tulevaisuus: teoriasta käytäntöön [The Future of Finnish Economic Policy: From Theory to Practice], Into: Helsinki, 2015, 281 p.

15. Unprincipled Economics. From Marshall to the Crisis of Separation of Time and Theory in Modern Economics, with J.Morgan, Routledge: London and New York, forthcoming in late 2016.


B. Edited volumes and special issues

15. Facing the Change in Europe. EFTA Countries' Integration Strategies, co-edited with K.Möttölä, UPI/FI­IA: Helsinki, 1989, 118 p.

16. ”Suvereeni vapaus ja välttämättömyys”, [Sovereign Freedom and Necessity], special issue of Rauhantutkimus, edited, (7):1, 1991.

17. ”Fukuyama ja historianfilofiat”, [Fukuyama and Philosophies of History], special issue of Rauhantutkimus, edited with A.M.Ahonen, (8):4, 1992.

18. Peaceful Changes in World Politics, edited, Tapri: Tampere, 1995, 430 p.

19. The Politics of the Economic and Monetary Union, co-edited with P.Minkkinen, Kluwer: Dordrecht, 1997, 250 p.

20. Democracy, Economy and Civil Society in Transition. The Cases of Russia and the Baltic States, co-edited with R.Hjerppe, T.Kanninen & K.Sehm, UPI & Stakes: Helsinki, 1997, 148 p.

21. Politics of Civil Society: A Global Perspective on Democratization, edited, NIGD Working Paper 2/2000: Helsinki & Nottingham, ii + 153 p.

22. Special issue on “Cosmopolis”, co-edited with M.Featherstone, J.Tomlinson and V.Couze, Theory, Culture & Society, (19):1-2, 2002, 253 p. (partly based on a selection of papers from the NIGD & TCS -organised conference ‘Cosmopolis: Democratising Global Economy and Culture’, held in Helsinki, 2-4 June 2000).

23. Globalizing Finance and the New Global Economy. Vol.2 of Globalization and Economy, co-edited with P.James, Sage: London, 2007, 422 p.

24. Special issue on “World State Futures”, co-edited with Mathias Albert, Gorm Harste and Knud Erik Jørgensen, Cooperation & Conflict, (47):2, June 2012.


C. Refereed papers in international journals

25. ”Concepts of ’Action’, ’Structure’ and ’Power’ in ’Critical Social Realism’: A Positive and Reconstructive Critique”, Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, (21):2, 1991, pp.221-250.

26. ”From Normative Utopias to Political Dialectics: Beyond a Deconstruction of the Brown-Hoffman Debate”, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, (21):1, 1992, pp.53-75.

27. ”Scientific Realism, Human Emancipation and Non-Violent Political Action”, Gandhi Marg, (14):1, 1992, pp.30-51.

28. ”Emerging Late-Modern Reconstructivism”, Journal of Peace Research, (31):4, 1994, pp.451-459.

29. ”How to Tell Better Stories About World Politics”, European Journal of International Relations, (2):1, 1996, pp.105-133.

30. ”Good Governance of the World Economy?”, Alternatives, (24):1, 1999, pp.119-142.

31. “Western Models and the Russian Idea: Beyond Inside/Outside in the Discourses on Civil Society”, with C.Pursiainen, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, (28):1, 1999, pp.53-77.

32. ”After Post-Positivism? The Promises of Critical Realism”, with C.Wight, International Studies Quarterly, (44):2, 2000, pp.213-237.

33. “Beyond Nordic Nostalgia: Envisaging a Social/Democratic System of Global Governance”, Cooperation and Conflict, (35):2, 2000, pp.115-154.

34. ”The Tobin Tax: A New Phase in the Politics of Globalisation?”, Theory, Culture & Society, (17):4, 2000, pp.77-91.

35. ”The Challenge of Critical Theories: Peace Research at the Start of the New Century”, Journal of Peace Research, (38):6, 2001, pp.723-737.

36. ”Critical Responses to Neoliberal Globalisation in the Mercosur Region. Roads Towards Cosmopolitan Democracy?”, with T.Teivainen, Review of International Political Economy, (9):1, 2002, pp.37-71.

37. ”From East to West: Emergent Global Philosophies – Beginnings of the End of the Western Dominance?”, Theory, Culture & Society, (19):3, 2002, pp.89-111.

38. “Problems of Democratising Global Governance: Time, Space and the Emancipatory Process”, European Journal of International Relations, (9):3, 2003, pp.347–376.

39. ”The World Social Forum: An Open Space or a Movement of Movements?”, with T.Teivainen, Theory, Culture & Society, (21):6, 2004, pp.145-154.

40. “The Long Downward Wave of the World Economy and the Future of Global Conflict”, Globalizations, (2):1, 2005, pp.61-78.

41. “Realist Ontology for Futures Studies”, Journal of Critical Realism, (5):1, 2006, pp.1-31.

42. “Global Justice: A Democratic Perspective”, Globalizations, (3):2, 2006, pp.99-120 (Spanish translation was published in Papeles. De Cuestiones Internacionales, nº 98, 2007, pp.13-31).

43. “Problems of Global Democracy: A Dialogue”, with D.Held, Theory, Culture & Society, (23):5, 2006, pp.115-133. Spanish translation in Papeles. De Cuestiones Internacionales,  no:95, Otoño 2006, pp.89-109.

44. “Back to the Kantian Idea of ‘Universal History’? Overcoming Eurocentric Accounts of the International Problematic”, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, (34):3, 2007, pp.575-95.

45. “Rethinking Global Parliament: Beyond the Indeterminacy of International Law”, Widener Law Review, (13):2, 2007, pp.375-93.

46. How to Tell Better Stories about the History and Future of Global Political Economy”, Review of International Political Economy, (16):2, 2009, pp.309-320.

47. “Neoliberalism and the Global Financial Crisis”, New Political Science, (31):4, 2009, pp.431-442.

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49. “After Critical Realism? The Relevance of Contemporary Science”, Journal of Critical Realism, (9):1, 2010, pp.59-89.

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58. "Praxis, Politics and the Future: A Dialectical Critical Realist Account of World-Historical Causation", Journal of International Relations and Development, accepted for publication in 2016.


D. Refereed papers in international anthologies

59. ”What Is It That Changed With the End of the Cold War? An Analysis of the Problem of Identifying and Explaining Change”, in P.Allan & K.Goldmann (eds.): The End of the Cold War. Evaluating Theories of International Relations, Martinus Nijhoff: Dordrecht, 1992, pp.179-225.

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62. ”Introduction: The Politics of Economic and Monetary Union”, pp.7-18; ”EMU and the Legitimation Problems of the European Union”, pp.164-206; and ”Conclusions: Dialectics of the Multi-faced EMU”, pp.232-241, in P.Minkkinen & H.Patomäki (eds.): The Politics of the European Monetary Union, Kluwer: Dordrecht, 1997.

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E. Other academic essays and papers, some of them refereed

78. ”Grotiuslainen traditio ja yhteistoiminnallisuuden perusta: positiivinen kritiikki” [Grotian Tradition and the Basis of Concerted Action: A Positive Critique], Rauhantutkimus, (4):3, 1988, pp.52-70.

79. ”FTA and the Historical Development of European Political Economy: Basic Treands in Trade and Production” in H.Patomäki & K.Möttölä (eds.): Facing the Change in Europe. EFTA Countries' Integration Strategies, FIIA: Helsinki, 1989, pp.102-119.

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82. ”Tuotannon monikansallistumisen selittämisestä. Uus-institutionaalinen lähesty­mistapa”, [On Explaining the Multinationalisation of Production: A Neo-Institutionalist Approach], Kansantaloudellinen aikakauskirja, (85): 4, 1989, pp.424-439.

83. ”Arktiksen ympäristönsuojelun kansainvälis-oikeudelliset periaatteet: alueellinen suvereenisuus versus ihmiskunnan yhteinen perintö” [The Legal Principles of Arctic Environmental Regulation: Territorial Sovereignty versus the Common Heritage of Mankind], in L.Heininen (ed.): Arktiksen ristiriitoja, Suomen Rauhanpuolustajat & Kuhmon Kansalaisopisto: Helsinki ja Kuhmo, 1990, pp.80-93.

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88. ”Runous, oikeus ja öljy Persianlahden sodassa. Analyysi metaforista ja metonyy­meistä 'käytännön' politiikassa” [Poetry, Just Law and Oil in the Gulf Crisis: An Analysis of the Role of Metaphors and Narratives in the 'Praxis' of Politics], Rauhantutkimus, (7):3, 1991, pp.52-80.

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G. Other book manuscripts in progress

190. Global Futures: On the Temporality of the Human Condition,
a full book manuscript in progress; negotiations with Cambridge University Press underway.

191. On the Stages of Ethico-Political Learning, a manuscript in progress
(35,000 words essay version available for comments and feedback).


H. Non-academic publications

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In addition to regular columns in quarterly magazines Suomi (1994) and Niin & Näin (1994-95), these include:

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      Or: A Particular Interpretation of Nietzsche], Aporia, 1/1987.

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13. ”Eurooppalainen muodonmuutos” [A European Metamorphosis], an essay based on a review of number of books,  

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      D.Archibudi & D.Held (eds.): Cosmopolitan Democracy; D.Held: Democracy and the Global Order;
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        market volatility and securities transaction taxes’”, in Sand in the Wheels. ATTAC Weekly Newsletter – n°135, 

        Wednesday 3 July 2002 (also available on the Global Policy Forum website at 

        http://www.globalpolicy.org/socecon/glotax/ currtax/2002/2002orthodox.htm); and in French as ”Ne croyez pas à 

        l'économie orthodoxe!” in Courriel D’Information Attac n°350 Vendredi 19/07/02.

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