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The Galileo Project
A Descartes page
European Hobbes Society
Spinoza Web

Studia Spinoziana
Spinoza online
Spinoza's Ethics 2.0
Spinoza's Ethica-Web
Spinoza Research Network
Spinoza-Bibliografie - by Spinoza-Gesellschaft
A Dedication to Spinoza's Insights - by Joseph B. Yesselman

John Locke - links and texts

John Locke Bibliography
- latest commentaries
John Locke Resources
Digital Locke Project

Locke data project
Locke vs. Leibniz vs. The US constitution

The Rise and Fall of German idealism - a blog series of Wolff and later German philosophy by Ilmari Jauhiainen
Kant on the web

Early Modern Philosophy Resources (by Markku Roinila, Facebook only)
Collection of Historical Sources Related to Leibniz and Contemporaries - from ECHO
New Narratives - female philosophers of the Early Modern era
Resources on Margaret Cavendish
The Rise of Calculus
- pictures of the 17th and 18th century
18th Century studies
Encyclopedia Britannica
- references for almost anything...
Lingua generalis
- a history of universal language
Museum Gustavianum in Uppsala, Sweden - a great website including a cabinet of curiosities
News from The European Society of Early Modern Philosophy
History of emotions

Early Modern Letters Online
Reassembling the Republic of Letters

Related texts

Classics library - a very large collection of classics of philosophy from
Clinton Tolley's list of primary texts available in Googlebooks

Centre National de Ressources Textuelles et Lexicales - contain ancient Dictionaries such as Bayle's and Diderot's and D'Alembert's

Gallica classique - Classic French texts from Bibliotheque nationale de France
Early Modern Texts
- by Jonathan Bennett
Women's early modern letters online
Russian-Language Scholarship on Early Modern Philosophy, 1800-1918 - by Justin Smith
Digital archive of 18th Century Digital Texts - from Kant Research Goup, University of Western Ontario
Post-reformation Digital Library - A huge collection of digitized texts between 15th to 17th century - from Junius institute.
Isaac Newton Library Online
Digitale Sammlungen der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Bibliothek

Francisco Suárez

Disputationes Metaphysicae

René Descartes

Descartes: Oeuvres (Ed. Adam & Tannery) vol. 1, vol. 2, vol. 3, vol. 4, vol. 5., vol. 6, vol. 7, vol. 8, vol. 9, vol. 10, vol. 11, vol. 12
Descartes from Gallica

Mediatations on First Philosophy
- a searchable hypertext
Discourse on Method
Passions of the soul
in French - from Bibliotheca Augustana

Antoine Arnauld

Arnauld's works from Gallica

Blaise Pascal

Les provinciales

Nicolas Malebranche

Malebranche's works from Gallica

Baruch Spinoza

Opera (Herausgegeben von Carl Gebhardt)
Spinoza's works from Gallica
Ethics - translated by Elwes (from Studia Spinoziana)
De Intellectus Emendatione
- translated by Elwes (from Studia Spinoziana)

Pierre Bayle

Dictionaire historique et critique - from ARTFL

Thomas Hobbes

The English works of Thomas Hobbes (edited by William Molesworth) vol. 1-11

De cive
The Elements of Law Natural and Politic

John Locke

An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
Two Treatises on Government

Christian Wolff

Vernünfftige Gedancken Von den Kräfften des menschlichen Verstandes Und ihrem Richtigen Gebrauche

Immanuel Kant

Akademie-Ausgabe (searchable)
Bonner Kant-Corpus