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Note! I have collected here pages, encyclopedia-articles, books etc. of different aspects of Leibniz's philosophy. There are a lot of research articles and open access monographs dealing with these issues in detail in section articles.

George MacDonald Ross: Leibniz
Kurt Huber: Leibniz (Open access)
Brandon C. Look: Leibniz - From Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Garth Kemerlings Leibniz-page - a good introduction with intelligent use of hyperlinks
Getting started with Leibniz (Donald Rutherford)
Marc E. Bobro: Leibniz's Optimistic Science
Leibniz in Wikipedia
Blog post by Stephen Wolfram: Dropping in on Leibniz (including great photos of Leibniz's manuscripts!)
Lectures on Leibniz by Gilles Deleuze
Audrey Borowski: Leibniz and Deleuze on Paradox (JHIblog)
John Whipple: Leibniz's Exoteric Philosophy (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
General article on Leibniz in German by Eberhard Knobloch

Vintage expositions of Leibniz's philosophy

Louis Couturat: La logique de Leibniz - An English translation (in progress) by Donald Rutherford - still important book! The original.
Guerrier: Leibniz in seinen Beziehungen zu Russland und Peter dem grossen: Eine geschichtliche Darstellung (still perhaps the best presentation on Leibniz and Russia)
Baruzi: Leibniz et l'organisation religieuse de la terre (Presentation on Leibniz's political and theological thought)
Jean Félix Nourrisson: La philosophie de Leibniz: exposé critique (1860)



Leibniz's Metaphysics from Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Forrest : Identity of the indiscernibles from Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy
Leibniz's Philosophy of Physics (McDonough) - From Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
A bit different page on Leibniz's metaphysics
Monadology - from Truth & Reality
Metaphysics - from Truth & Reality
Andreas Blank: Leibniz: Metaphilosophy and Metaphysics, 1666-1686 - from
Andreas Blank: Der logische Aufbau von Leibniz' Metaphysik - from.
Lloyd Strickland: Why is there something rather than nothing?

Mind and Cognition

Leibniz's philosophy of mind (Stanford Encyclopedia of philosophy) - by Mark Kulstad and Laurence Carlin
Leibniz's Philosophy of Mind (Julia Jorati, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Lucia Oliveiri: Imaginative animals (open access)    

Logic and mathematics


Andrew Youpa: Leibniz's Ethics - from Stanford encyclopedia of Philosophy
Leibniz on the problem of evil (Stanford Encyclopedia of philosophy) - by Michael J. Murray
Leibniz on Lazy Reason (Wikipedia)


Theodicy and Reason - Logic, Metaphysics, and Theology in Leibniz’s Essais de Théodicée (1710), e-book edited by Matteo Favaretti Camposampiero, Mattia Geretto and Luigi Perissinotto
Logic, Metaphysics, and Theology in Leibniz’s Essais de Théodicée (1710)
M. Eymery: Exposition de la doctrine de Leibnitz sur la religion: suivie de pensées extraites des ouvrages (1819)

Pensées de Leibnitz sur la religion et la morale. T. 1 / [recueillies et commentées par] M. Emery,..(1838) ; T. 2 - from Gallica
Système religieux de Leibnitz / publ. d'après le manuscrit original par l'abbé Lacroix,... ; trad. par Albert de Broglie - A. Le Clere (Paris) - 1846 - from Gallica
Système de théologie, ou Exposition de la doctrine de Leibnitz sur la religion / [texte latin] publié pour la première fois d'après le texte original [par Pierre Lacroix] ; [traduction française de M. Mollevault] - C. J. Fonteyn (Louvain) - 1845 - from Gallica

Practical philosophy

Markku Roinila (Note: these are extracts of my Lic. thesis Leibniz's Philosophy and Practical Projects)

Leibniz's Practical Projects
Leibniz and the Church Reunion
Leibniz's Projects Concerning Russia (Markku Roinila)
Leibniz on Scientific Academies (Markku Roinila)
Leibniz on China and Russia - from Studien von Zeitfragen


Gilles Deleuze's lectures on Leibniz

Leibniz in Finnish

Leibniz - from (In Finnish)
Markku Roinila: Leibniz (Logos)
Markku Roinila: Leibniz tiedosta (Logos)
Markku Roinila: Leibnizin metafysiikasta (Logos)
Monadologia - (Wikipedia)