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Life and Works

Leibniz biography by Eric Weisstein - bias on natural philosophy, lots of hyperlinks!
A larger biography from Mathematical McTutor
A Chronology of Leibniz's life - from Dolphin logic
Donald Rutherford's chronology of Leibniz's life
Timetable of Leibniz's life - from Leibnizjahr 2016
W. W. Rouse Ball's Biography - mathematics in forefront
A Short Biography of Leibniz
- by myself
Timeline of Leibniz's life
- as above, but larger - I wouldn't trust the bibliography, however...
Another, shorter biography in German
from Leibniz-Archiv
An introduction to Leibniz from Books and Writers Calender
Biography in English
from NNDB
The Monastery of Loccum - the HQ of the Church union
Neustädter Hof- und Stadtkirche St. Johannis in Hannover
- the church where Leibniz is buried
Peter the Great's Decree Appointing Leibniz to the Russian Justizrat - transcription by Justin Smith
Classic biography by Guhrauer, vol. 1
Classic biography by Guhrauer, vol. 2
Brandon C. Look: Leibniz - From Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Leibniz Digital Resources - a guide to Leibnizian resources (both editions and internet resources) - from G. W. Leibniz Geschellschaft

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz - der letzte Universalgelehrte - a short brochure from G. W. Leibniz Geschellschaft

From a webpage of city of Hannover:

Leibniz – on the trail of the polymath - pdf-presentation
Leibniz-year 2016 - lots of info about Leibniz
Leibniz the mathematician
Leibniz the engineer

The house of Leibniz

Leibniz's grave
Leibniz's temple
Leibniz's travelling chair

Virtual exhibition of Leibniz (> Leibniz Virtuell) - from LeibnizCentral

From Gregory Brown's Leibnitiana:

Leibniz's house in Hannover
Leibniz's Family
Leibniz's Chair
Chart of Leibniz and the royalty (.pdf)
The House of Brunswick
Leibniz's tombstone
Leibniz's skull

Hannover in Leibniz's time and nowadays (> Virtueller Stadtplan) - from LeibnizCentral
Leibniz's calculation machine (> Die Reschenmaschine)  from LeibnizCentral, complete with 3D-model and videos
Charlie Huenemann: A Metaphysician and a Hole in the Ground (Story on Leibniz's mining adventure)
Leibniz's life - a 35-minute video
Leibniz in the university of Leipzig Matrikel