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Leibnizian Resources is dedicated to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716), a German philosopher and polymath, and my aim is to collect the most relevant web-resources into this single page in order to help to find Leibniz-material  more  easily and to provide a space for Leibniz-studies, both my own and others. 

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Update 6. 1. 2020

Lloyd Strickland's new translations:

The axiom: nothing is in the intellect that was not in the senses
Leibniz to Pierre Daniel Huit (18/28 10. 1678)
Double Infinity in Pascal and Monad (1696)
Brief Prepatory Remarks in Relation to Apologetic Works (1685)
Review of Joseph Raphson's "Demonstration of God" (1712)

Papers by

Christian Leduc

Condillac et la critique d'un système. Le cas leibnizien
Indiscernables et raison suffisante dans la correspondance Leibniz-Clarke
L'autonomie épistémologique de l'analogie chez Leibniz
L'objection leibnizienne au conventionnalisme de Hobbes
Leibniz et les qualités occultes
L'analogie leibnizienne dans le débat entre Diderot et Maupertuis
The Epistemological Functions of Symbolization in Leibniz's Universal Characteristic
Imagination and Reason in Leibniz
Leibniz et Élisabeth : réflexions sur Descartes et lidée de Dieu
Leibniz and Sensible Qualities
La doctrine leibnizienne de l'idée
Bayle et Leibniz sur la constitution des hypothèses métaphysiques
Maupertuis et le système leibnizien des Essais de Théodicée
Die phaenomenalen Identifizierungskriterien bei Leibniz

Sodalitas Leibnitiana - Italian Leibniz-Society: Facebook-page
Manuscripts from G. W. Leibniz Bibliothek, Hannover: 738 pieces
If the link above does not work, try Handschriften > Leibniz
A blog post on Leibniz's role in artificial intelligence
Simon Brown interviews Professor Michael Carhart on his recent book Leibniz Discovers Asia: Social Networking in the Republic of Letters (Johns Hopkins, 2019) (JHI Podcast)
Leibniz Digital Resources - a guide to Leibnizian resources (both editions and internet resources) - from G. W. Leibniz Geschellschaft
Leibniz on Logic, Language and Semiotics - annotated bibliography (Raul Corazzon)
Société d'études leibniziennes de langue française (SELLF)

Bulletin Leibnizien (open access, Société détudes leibniziennes de langue française (SELLF))