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Theodicy and Reason - Logic, Metaphysics, and Theology in Leibniz’s Essais de Théodicée (1710), e-book edited by Matteo Favaretti Camposampiero, Mattia Geretto and Luigi Perissinotto
Cadernos Espisanos n. 34: Special issue on Leibniz (in portuguese)
Martin Grötschel, Eberhard Knobloch, Juliane Schiffers, Mimmi Woisnitza, Günter M. Ziegler (Hg.):
Vision als Aufgabe. Das Leibniz-Universum im 21. Jahrhundert, Berlin 2016
Free articles, Leibniz's texts, reviews and discussion pieces from the Leibniz Review
Leibniz-related dissertations
Free lectures on Leibniz from Hamburg Academy
Free content of the Leibniz Review

Papers from recent Leibniz-kongress in Barcelona, OA from Quaderns d'història de l'enginyeria 2018, vol. 16
Paul Rateau (ed.): 1714-2014 Lire Aujourd'hui les Principes de la nature et de la grâce de G: W. Leibniz
(open access book)

Bulletin Leibnizien (open access, Société d’études leibniziennes de langue française (SELLF))

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Lilli Alanen: G. W. Leibnizin monadit, loogikon utopia ja uusi representaation käsite - in Finnish

Rosa Maria Antognazza

The Hypercategorematic Infinite
Primary matter, primitive passive power, and creaturely limitation in Leibniz
Faith and Reason in Leibniz
Leibniz’s theory of substance and his metaphysics of the Incarnation
Leibniz’s Doctrine of Toleration: Philosophical, Theological, and Pragmatic Reasons
Theory and Praxis in Leibniz’s Theological Thought

Richard Arthur

Leibniz and the Zenonists: a reply to Paolo Rossi
The transcendentality of pi and Leibniz's philosophy of mathematics
Leibniz and Cantor on the Actual Infinite
Leibniz's Syncategorematic Infinitesimals, Smooth Infinitesimal Analysis, and Newton's Proposition 6
Leibniz's Theory of Space
Presupposition, Aggregation, and Leibniz’s Argument for a Plurality of Substances
Leibniz’s Actual Infinite in Relation to his Analysis of Matter
Animal Generation and Substance in Sennert and Leibniz


Irena Backus

Patrice Bailhache: La musique, une pratique cachée de l'arithmétique?

Christian Barth

Leibniz on Phenomenal Consciousness
The Great Chain of Souls: Leibniz on Soul Unitarism and Soul Kinds
Leibniz’s Conception of Conscientia and its Cartesian Roots

Luca Basso

Republic and Common Good in Leibniz’ Political Thought
Individuo e comunità nella filosofia politica di G. W. Leibniz
Félicité commune et inquiétude dans la pensée politique de Leibniz
Leibniz und die Gerechtigkeit: eine platonische Perspektive?
Leibniz gegen Hobbes. Zwischen "Justitia" und "Summa Potestas"
Giustizia e politica in Leibniz
"Politische Theodizee". - Leibniz' Kontroverse mit Pufendorf
Kirche als 'res publica' - Leibniz’ Kirchenverständnis als Voraussetzung seiner Ökumenik
Die Leibniz-Rezeption in Italien unter dem Faschismus
Il problema dell'ordine politico: Leibniz fra sovranità e diritto di resistenza
The Republic in Leibniz: Between Philosophy and Politics
Das Problem des Widerstandsrechts bei Leibniz
Unità e pluralità nel pensiero politico di Leibniz
Regeln einer effektiven Außenpolitik - Leibniz' Bemühen um eine Balance widerstreitender Machtinteressen in Europa
Inquietudine e politica in Leibniz

Stefano Di Bella

Causa Sive Ratio. Univocity of Reasonand Plurality of Causes in Leibniz

Sebastian Bender

Localizing Violations of the Principle of Sufficient Reason - Leibniz on the Modal Status of the PSR
On Worlds, Laws and Tiles - Leibniz and the Problem of Compossibility
Reflection and Rationality in Leibniz
Leibniz and the petites réflexions

Jonathan Bennett: Leibniz's New Essays

Andreas Blank

Sennert and Leibniz on Animate Atoms
Twin-Consciousnesses and the Identity of Indiscernibles in Leibniz's Nouveaux Essais
Acerca de la 'usucapio,' la presunción y la justicia internacional según Leibniz
Jacopo Zabarella and the Early Leibniz on the Diachronic Identity of Living Beings
Animals and immortality in Monadology
Leibniz, Locke, and the Early Modern Controversy over Legal Maxims
Leibniz and the Early Modern Controversy over the Right of International Mediation
Leibniz und die panpsychistische Deutung der Theorie der einfachen Substanzen
Substance Monism and Substance Pluralism in Leibniz's Metaphysical Papers, 1675-1676
Incomplete Entities, Natural Non-separability and Leibniz's Response to Francois Lamy's De la connoissance de soi-meme
Reflexion und Leibniz' Theorie der Gerechtigkeit
Definitions, Sorites Arguments, and Leibniz's Meditation sur la notion commune de la justice
On Interpreting Leibniz's Mill
Sennert and Leibniz on Animate Atoms
Presumption and Leibniz's Metaphysics of Action

Marc Bobro

Leibnizian Causes (Conceptual Map)
Leibniz on Causation - from Stanford encyclopedia of Philosophy
Leibniz's Optimistic Science

Mattia Brancato: Leibniz, Weigel and the Birth of Binary Arithmetic

Broad, C. D. : Leibniz's Predicate-in-Notion Principle and Some of its Alleged Consequences

Douglas Burnham: Leibniz's Metaphysics - from Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Leticia Cabañas

La trayectoria leibniziana desde el realismo de la sustancia compuesta al idealismo de las mónadas
Leibniz y Spinoza: la compleja historia del encuentro entre dos grandes filósofos
Sustancia corpórea y Mónada: realismo e idealismo en Leibniz
La recepción por Leibniz del concepto spinoziano de "potentia agendi et patiendi
La lógica formal leibniziana
La recepción de Hobbes por Leibniz
Dinamismo inconsciente en Leibniz
La superación por Leibniz de la lógica aristotélica
Pragmatismo epistemológico leibniziano
El problema de la relación mente-cuerpo en Leibniz
El concepto de infinito en Leibniz y Locke
Optimismo racionalista - Leibniz y el mejor mundo
La complejidad anímica: percepción inconsciente en Leibniz
Ortega y la lógica de la construcción de los mundos posibles en Leibniz
Adamismo en la filosofía del lenguaje de Leibniz
Pluralismo metodológico leibniziano
Formalización del lenguaje filosófico en Leibniz
Leibniz y sus contemporáneos Spinoza y Arnauld
Leibniz frente al reto spinozista

Dennis des Chene: Animal as category: Bayle's Rorarius



Agustín Echavarría

The Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Law in the Early Writings of Leibniz
Sabiduría, voluntad y elección. El significado de la ‘exigencia de existencia’ y el ‘combate de los posibles’ en la metafísica de Leibniz
Incontinencia, deliberación y contingencia diacrónica de la voluntad según Leibniz
Leibniz's Dilemma on Predestination


Matteo Favaretti Camposampiero

La chaîne des causes naturelles. Matérialisme et fatalisme chez Leibniz, Wolff et leurs adversaires
Leggi di natura e mondi possibili: Leibniz, Wolff e Bilfinger
Federics, Nico De: Liberty and Identity A Scaravelli's Interpretation of Leibniz

Michel Fichant

Leibniz a-t-il “intellectualisé les phénomènes“ ? Eléments pour l’histoire d’une méprise
Vérité, foi et raison dans la Théodicée
Le principe de la Théodicée et le concept de grandeur négative, in L’idée de théodicée de Leibniz à Kant : héritage, transformations, critiques
Le degré de réalité des corps dans la dernière philosophie de Leibniz
Leibniz et les deux voies de la philosophie de la nature
Les dualités de la dynamique Leibnizienne

Forrest : Identity of the indiscernibles from Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy
Franklin: Two caricatures, II: Leibniz's best world



Hegel's History of Philosophy: Leibniz
Elisabeth Hellenbroich : Eine Leibniz-Renaissance für China
Hideaki Hirano : Leibniz's Cultural Pluralism and Natural Law
Charlie Huenemann: A Metaphysician and a Hole in the Ground


Julia Jorati

Monadic Teleology Without Goodness and Without God
Leibniz on Concurrence and Authorship
Leibniz's Philosophy of Mind (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Leibniz on free will (blog)


Swami Krishnananda : Leibniz (from Studies in Comparative Philosophy)
Mark Kulstad and Laurence Carlin: Leibniz's philosophy of mind (Stanford Encyclopedia of philosophy)


Mogens Laerke

Leibniz and Steno, 1675-1680
Leibniz’s encounter with Spinoza’s monism, October 1675 to February 1678
Ennui, divertissement, travail. Leibniz et le projet de dictionnaire de Bayle
Leibniz’s Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God
Leibniz on Spinoza’s Political Philosophy
The Problem of Alloglossia. Leibniz on Spinoza’s Innovative use of Philosophical Language
G.W. Leibniz’s Two Readings of the Tractatus Theologico-politicus
Ignorantia inflat. Leibniz, Huet and the Critique of the Cartesian Spirit
A Conjecture about a Textual Mystery. Leibniz, Tschirnhaus and Spinoza’s Korte Verhandeling
Monism, Separability and Real Distinction in the Young Leibniz
Quod non omnia possibilia ad existentiam perveniant. Leibniz’s ontology of possibility, 1668-1678
À la recherche d’un homme égal à Spinoza. G. W. Leibniz et la Demonstratio evangelica
Sobre la ley naturel y la téoria de contracto en Leibniz y Spinoza

Christian Leduc

Condillac et la critique d'un système. Le cas leibnizien
Indiscernables et raison suffisante dans la correspondance Leibniz-Clarke
L'autonomie épistémologique de l'analogie chez Leibniz
L'objection leibnizienne au conventionnalisme de Hobbes
Leibniz et les qualités occultes
L'analogie leibnizienne dans le débat entre Diderot et Maupertuis
The Epistemological Functions of Symbolization in Leibniz's Universal Characteristic
Imagination and Reason in Leibniz
Leibniz et Élisabeth : réflexions sur Descartes et l’idée de Dieu
Leibniz and Sensible Qualities
La doctrine leibnizienne de l'idée
Bayle et Leibniz sur la constitution des hypothèses métaphysiques
Maupertuis et le système leibnizien des Essais de Théodicée
Die phaenomenalen Identifizierungskriterien bei Leibniz

Samuel Levey

Comparability and Infinite Multitude in Galileo and Leibniz
On Time and the Dichotomy in Leibniz
On Unity, Borrowed Reality and Multitude in Leibniz
On Two Theories of Substance in Leibniz: Critical Notice of Daniel Garber, Leibniz: Body, Substance, Monad
Logical Theory in Leibniz
Archimedes, Infinitesimals and the Law of Continuity: On Leibniz’s Fictionalism

On Unity and Simple Substance in Leibniz
Leibniz on Precise Shapes and the Corporeal World
On Unity: Leibniz-Arnauld Revisited
The Interval of Motion in Leibniz's Pacidius Philalethi
Leibniz and the Sorites
Matter and Two Concepts of Continuity in Leibniz
Leibniz on Mathematics and the Actually Infinite Division of Matter

Paul Lodge

Leibniz's Notion of an Aggregate
Unconscious Conceiving and Leibniz's Argument for Primitive Concepts - with Stephen Puryear

Leibniz, Bayle, and Locke on Faith and Reason - with Ben Crowe
The Failure of Leibniz's Correspondence with De Volder
Force and the Nature of Body in Discourse on Metaphysics §§17-18
Theodicy, Metaphysics, and Metaphilosophy in Leibniz
Corporeal Substances as Monadic Composites in Leibniz’s Later Philosophy
Heidegger on the Being of Monads: Lessons in Leibniz and in the Practice of Reading the History of Philosophy
Garber's Substantial Odyssey: Leibniz on Corporeal Substances Revisited
Leibniz on Created Substance and Occasionalism
Leibniz's Mill Argument Against Mechanical Materialism Revisited
Infinite Analysis, Lucky Proof, and Guaranteed Proof in Leibniz (with Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra)
The Empirical Grounds for Leibniz’s ‘Real Metaphysics’
Garber's Interpretations of Leibniz on Corporeal Substance in the 'Middle Years'
Leibniz on Relativity and the Motion of Bodies
Leibniz’s Close Encounter with Cartesianism in the Correspondence with De Volder
Leibniz on Divisibility, Aggregates, and Cartesian Bodies
Primitive and Derivative Forces in Leibnizian Bodies
The Debate over Extended Substance in Leibniz’s Correspondence with De Volder
Leibniz's Heterogeneity Argument Against the Cartesian Conception of Body
Stepping Back Inside Leibniz's Mill (with Marc Bobro)
Leibniz’s Commitment to the Pre-established Harmony in the late 1670s and Early 1680s

Brandon Look

Unity and Reality in Leibniz's Correspondence with Des Bosses

Leibniz - From Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Leibniz's Modal Metaphysics - From Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Jeffrey K. MacDonough

Leibniz’s Optics and Contingency in Nature
Leibniz and the Puzzle of Incompossibility: The Packing Strategy
Leibniz's Philosophy of Physics
Leibniz: Creation and Conservation and Concurrence
Leibniz's Two Realms Revisited
Leibniz on Natural Teleology and the Laws of Optics

Wolfgang Malzkorn: Leibniz's Theory of Space in the Correspondence with Clarke and the Existence of Vacuum
Mariás, Julían : a talk of Leibniz in Spanish

Christina Marras

Leibniz Citizen of the Republic of Letters: Some remarks on the interconnection between language and politics
“La science est necessaire au vray bonheur …” About some recent contributions to Leibnizian studies
Mirrors that mirror each other. Metaphor as a key tool for conceptualising the unity-cum plurality
Materialien für ein linguistisches Lexikon zu G. W. Leibniz. Beispiel: Lemma 'Zeichen

Ari Maunu

Leibniz's Theory of Universal Expression Explicated
Leibnizian Soft Reduction of Extrinsic Denominations and Relations
Extrinsic Denominations and Universal Expression in Leibniz

Christia Mercer

Prefacing the Theodicy
Leibniz and Spinoza on Substance and Mode

Moore, John S.: Notes on Leibniz

Michael J. Murray

Leibniz on the problem of evil (Stanford Encyclopedia of philosophy)
Pre-Leibnizian Moral Necessity
Spontaneity and Freedom in Leibniz


Ohad Nachtomy

On The Source of Incompossibility in Leibniz’s Paris Notes and some Remarks on Time and Space as Packing Constraints
Infinity and Life: The Role of Infinity in Leibniz’s Theory of Living Beings
On Oneness and Substance in Leibniz’s Middle Years
Possibility and Existence in Leibniz and Kant
A Tale of Two Thinkers, One Meeting, and Three Degrees of Infinity: Leibniz and Spinoza (1675–78)
Leibniz on Artificial and Natural Machines: Or What It Means to Remain a Machine to the Least of Its Parts
Unidad, singularidad e infinito en Spinoza y Leibniz
Qu'est-ce qu'un être vivant au sens cartésien? la réponse de Leibniz à Descartes
Leibniz on Infinite Beings and Non-Beings
Leibniz on Nested Individuals
Leibniz on the Greatest Number and the Greatest Being
Leibniz and Russell: The number of all numbers and the set of all sets
Infinité d'être et infinité du nombre chez Leibniz et Spinoza
Locke, Leibniz, and Borges on Particulars and Universals in the Nouveaux Essais
Remarks on Possibilia in Leibniz, 1672-1676: Quod non omnia possibilia ad intelligentiam perveniant?
Leibniz's Rationality: Divine Intelligibility and Human Intelligibility
The Individual’s Place in Logical Space: Leibniz on Possible Individuals and their Relations
Leibniz on Possible Individuals
Leibniz and The Logic of Life
Leibnizian Organisms, Nested Individuals, and Units of Selection

Adrian Nita

Time as a condition of possibility
Leibniz on Subject and individual substance
Substance and Intelligibility in Leibniz
The Essays on Theodicy by Leibniz after Three Hundred years
Leibniz on Spontaneity as a Basic Value
Matter and primary matter in Leibniz



Volker Peckhaus

"Leibniz und die britischen Logiker des 19. Jahrhunderts
", erweiterte und revidierte Fassung des Vortrages, gehalten am 22. Juli 1994 auf dem VI. Internationalen Leibniz-Kongreß in Hannover
"Leibniz' Pragmatismus", Vortrag, gehalten am 13. September 2001 auf dem VII. Internationalen Leibniz-Kongreß: Nihil sine ratione in Berlin. Eine frühere Fassung wurde in den Kongreßberichten veröffentlicht: VII. Internationaler Leibniz-Kongreß. Nihil sine ratione. Mensch, Natur und Technik im Wirken von G.W. Leibniz. Schirmherrschaft: Der Regierende Bürgermeister von Berlin, hg. v. Hans Poser, Bd. 2, Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz-Gesellschaft: Hannover o.J. [2001], 967-972. [Online-Version, 16.9.2001

Marine Picon

Le fondement des propositions de raison dans les écrits de Mayence
On the Constitution of Leibniz’s formalism
What Is the Foundation of Knowledge? Leibniz and the Amphibology of Intuition
Vers "la doctrine de l'entendement en abrégé" : éléments pour une généalogie des Meditationes de cognitione, veritate, et ideis

Francesco Piro

"Natural Predicates". Properties and Dispositions in Leibniz's Later Writings
The sellers of a sweet powder. Leibniz on Letters
Les vicissitudes de deux oeufs. Principe de raison et principe des indiscernables dans les premiers écrits de Leibniz
Tra Valla e Scaligero. Leibniz, la linguistica rinascimentale e il problema del cambiamento semantico
Lo Scolastico che faceva un partito a sé. Leibniz su Durando di San Porziano

Davide Poggi: Apperception, appercevoir, s'appercevoir de. Evolution d'un terme et d'un fonction cognitive
Pombo, Olga: Leibniz and the Encyclopaedic Project

Stephen Puryear

Leibniz on the Metaphysics of Color
Motion in Leibniz's Middle Years: A Compatibilist Approach
Monadic interaction
Leibniz on Concepts and Their Relation to the Senses
Unconscious Conceiving and Leibniz's Argument for Primitive Concepts (with Paul Lodge)
Perception and Representation in Leibniz

Was Leibniz Confused about Confusion?



Paul Raymont : Leibniz's Distinction Between Natural and Artificial Machines
Arto Repo : Leibniz on material things

Anne-Lise Rey

Les monades selon Samuel Formey
La controverse Leibniz-Stahl dite Negotium otiosum
Statut et usages de la perception dans la pensée esthétique de Leibniz : l’exemple du théâtre
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
La chimie pour Leibniz : une pratique cognitive?
L’ambivalence de l’action libre : des corps physiques aux créatures dans les Essais de Théodicée
Leibniz et Newton dans Wolff
Leibniz et Diderot. Philosophie rationnelle et philosophie expérimentale : quelle méthode pour penser le vivant?
Style et méthode dans la dynamique de Leibniz in Méthode et Histoire. Quelle histoire font les historiens des sciences et des techniques
'Les antipodes du pourquoi suffisant' ou comment rendre une fiction raisonnable? La dispute sur l'atomisme entre Leibniz et Hartsoeker
Perception and individuality in the Leibnizian Conception of Substance
Diffusion et réception de la dynamique. La correspondance entre Leibniz et Wolff
Action, Perception, Organisation

Patrick Riley: Justice as Universal Charity

Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra

The Principles of Contradiction, Sufficient Reason, and Identity of Indiscernibles
Leibniz on substance in the Discourse on Metaphysics
Leibniz's Argument for the Identity of Indiscernibles in his Letter to Casati (with Transcription and Translation)
Infinite Analysis, Lucky Proof, and Guaranteed Proof in Leibniz

Leibniz. Mind-body causation and pre-established harmony
Leibniz´s argument for the Principle of Identity of Indiscernibles in Primary Truths
Leibniz´s argument for the Identity of Indiscernibles in his correspondence with Clarke

Enrique Romerales: Three Prospects for Theodicy: Some Anti-Leibnizian Approaches

George MacDonald Ross

Leibniz and Renaissance Neoplatonism
Leibniz's exposition of his system to Queen Sophie Charlotte and other ladies'
Leibniz and the origin of things
Spinoza and Leibniz
The Demarcation Between Metaphysics and Other Disciplines in the Thought of Leibniz
Leibniz's Rôle as a Type in English-Language Philosophy

William Rowe: Divine Freedom - from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Hartmut Rudolph:
The Authority of the Bible and the Authority of Reason in Leibniz's Ecumenical Argument
Donald Rutherford: Leibniz on Compossibility (With James Messina)
Charles J. Ryan: On the Monads of Leibniz


Simon Saunders: Physics and Leibniz's Principles
David Scott : Leibniz's model of creation and his doctrine of substance

Alison Simmons

Changing the Cartesian Mind: Leibniz on Sensation, Representation and Consciousness
Leibnizian consciousness reconsidered

Jyrki Siukonen

Tyhmä kuin maalari? Leibniz ja taiteellisen tiedon olemus - in Finnish
Leibnizin selittämisestä ja kääntämisestä - in Finnish

George E. Smith: The vis viva dispute: A controversy at the dawn of dynamic

Justin E. H. Smith

Geogony, Generation and History from the Consilium Aegyptiacum to the Protogaea
La nature ne joue pas. La paléontologie de Leibniz comme métaphysique appliquée
A Role for Physiology in the Development of Leibniz's Mature Metaphysics?
Leibniz on Natural History and National History