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I would like to thank these persons of their valuble help, while developing this archive:

Professor Mikael Fortelius (University of Helsinki, Department of Geology), for discussions, advice and generous loan of books from the Björn Kúrten Library. And also for tempering his errant student.

Dr. Larry Huldén (FMNH/Entomological Department), for a collected taxonomic databases and other information of various groups, and of the loan of other books from his peronal library.

Dr. Leo Junikka (Curator, FMHN/Botanical Museum/Division of Phanerograms), for generous loan of books dealing with plant phylogeny and evolution.

FMNH/General Department/Data Processing Section, for authorization of the webpage space loan in FMNH servers.

Toby White, M. Alan Kazlev, T. Michael Keesey, Trevor Dykes, Jim Bourdon and Jos Dols, of fruitful cooperation dealing various groups.

Mikko Heikkinen for tips in web-design and additional suggestions for layout.


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