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Synonyms of the genus †Paraceratherium Forster Cooper, 1911 [Perissodactyla: Rhinoceratoidea: Hyracodontidae: Indricotheriinae]

    Thaumastotherium Forster Cooper, 1913a
    Baluchitherium Forster Cooper, 1913b
    Indricotherium Borissiak, 1915
    Aralotherium Borissiak, 1939
    Dzungariotherium Xu & Wang, 1978]
Synonyms of the species †P. transouralicum (Pavlova, 1922)
    Indricotherium asiaticum Borissiak, 1923
    Indricotherium minus Borissiak, 1923
    Baluchitherium grangeri Osborn, 1923
Synonyms of the species †P. orgosensis (Chiu, 1973)
    Dzungariotherium turfanensis Xu & Wang, 1978
    Paraceratherium lipidus Xu & Wang, 1978


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