Malagasy carnivores has a long and torturous taxonomic history. They have long been associated with either herpestids (mongooses) or with viverrids (civet cats). Only recently they have been recognized as a monophyletic group (family Eupleridae), separate of other Aeloroid carnivores.

After Yoder, Burns, Zehr, Delefosse, Veron, Goodman & Flynn, 2003, with fossil genera from McKenna & Bell, 1997, and Recent species from Nowak, 1991 and Wikipedia

<==o Eupleridae Chenu, 1850 (malagasy carnivores; madagaskarin pedot)
   |?-o Eupleres goudotii (Falanouc; falanukki) [Euplerinae]
   |  |-- E. g. goudotii
   |  `-- E. g. major
   |--+-- Fossa fossa [F. fossana] (Malagasy civet; fanaloka) [Fossinae]
   |  `--o Cryptoprocta [Cryptoprocinae (Flower, 1869) Trouessart, 1885, pro Cryptoproctidae Flower, 1869]
   |     |-- †C. spelaea (giant fossa; jättifossa)
   |     `-- C. ferox (fossa; fossa)
   `--o Galidiinae Gill, 1872 (Malagasy mongooses; madagaskarin mangustit)
      |-- Galidia elegans (Ring-tailed mongoose; puumangusti)
      `--+--o Galidictis [Galerella]
         |  |-- G. fasciata (Broad-striped mongoose; juovamangusti)
         |  `-- G. grandidieri [Galerella] (Grandidier's mongoose)
         `--+-- Mungotictis decemlineata (Ring-tailed mongoose; kapeajuovamangusti)
            `--o Salanoia
               |-- S. concolor (Brown-tailed mongoose; ruskomangusti)
               `-- S. durrelli (Alaotra mongoose; alaotranmangusti)