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Metacognitive tools

When I was I visiting scholar at Cornell University, I wrote an article, in which I presented three improved metacognitive tools: Improved Concept Mapping, Improved Vee Heuristics and ARRA or Analysis of Reasoning, Rhetorics and Argumentation. I was building on earlier article written by Novak (1990), in which he wrote about concept maps and Vee heuristics as two metacognitive tools.

Use of concept maps and Vee heuristics requires lots of hard work, and reflective thinking which need time and energy. Speaking and writing about the same ideas is much easier. Writing develops thinking and reflection more systematically than speaking does. Probably use of improved concept maps, improved Vee heuristics and ARRA promotes even more high quality learning and reflective thinking than writing itself does. This is an empirical question to which only later research can provide more empirical evidence against or for.


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