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Evaluation of learning, teaching, curriculum and evaluation itself

In Savonlinna Department of Education the 'course of evaluation of learning, teaching, curriculum and evaluation itself' was integrated in the Course of promoting teaching profession):
http://www.edu.helsinki.fi/bio/didaktiikka/ (1989 - 2003)
http://www.edu.helsinki.fi/bio/didaktiikka_04/ (2003 - 2004)
In these sites there are four computer programs, which can be used only using Microsoft Internet Explorer as a browser.

I have developed three practical and theoretically sound new quality tools (Improved Concept Mapping, Improved Vee Heuristics and ARRA or Analysis of Reasoning, Rhetorics and Argumentation ) to promote evaluation of learning, teaching, curriculum and evaluation itself.


While I was a lecturer in the University of Helsinki, Department of Teacher Education, I had a course of evaluation, which included evaluation of learning and teaching. I soon realized that actually teachers ought to continually evaluate also school as a working environment, and curriculum as a guiding document. I wrote a report and a book about this theme (Åhlberg 1990 and 1992a). I also supervised construction of computer programs to analyze learning on the other hand and teaching on the other hand (Åhlberg 1992b). I have supervised many Masters' Theses in which evaluation has been a central element. The first Internet version of the course was in 2001 (Åhlberg 2001).


Åhlberg, M. 1990. Opetuksen ja oppimisen evaluaatio. Pieni käsikirja opettajille ja tutkijoille. Joensuun yliopisto. Kasvatustieteiden tiedekunnan opetusmonisteita n:o 16.

Åhlberg, M. 1992a. Oppimisen, opetuksen ja opetussuunnitelman evaluaatio. Helsinki: Finn Lectura.

Åhlberg, M. 1992b. Oppimisen, opetuksen ja opetussuunnitelman evaluaation kurssin esittelyä. Teoksessa Ojanen, S. (toim.) Opettajankouluttajien evaluaatiokongressi - 9.-10.12.1991. Joensuun yliopisto. Kasvatustieteiden tiedekunnan selosteita 43, 44-61.

Åhlberg, M. 2001. Kestävän kehityksen pedagogiikan ja didaktiikan kurssien www-sivut: <http://sokl.joensuu.fi/aineistot/kasvatustiede/didaktiikka/index.html>. (KK Petteri Pitkänen on ohjeitteni mukaan ohjelmoinut tilasto-ohjelmat, jotka toimivat vain Microsoft Explorer -selaimen kautta käytettyinä.)


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