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Collaborative Knowledge Building

I have used Knowledge Forum from 2000 to promote collaborative knowledge building. It is a little but clumsy nowadays. That is why I am testing now Facebook as a platform for collaborative knowledge building. I have accepted most of persons who want to build knowledge collaboratively with me. My Facebook site is http://www.facebook.com/people/Mauri-Ahlberg/100000393951781

We live in the Knowledge Age, the period of time, when creating knowledge has become more important than ever before, when economy is globalizing, and networking is more and more becoming a way to become empowered. There are real problems, problems of competitiveness, cooperation and environmental problems, of communities, nations and humankind, solving of which requires integrating expertise of many people. Everywhere in society, in schools, in corporations people ought to learn how to collaboratively build knowledge, create better and better solutions for real problems of humankind. This is why Collaborative Knowledge Building facilitated by Knowledge Forum® has been one of my main research interests since the beginning of year 2000. In Spring 2000 I had a possibility to learn to use Knowledge Forum in OISE/University of Toronto. I studied both theory and practice of Collaborative Knowledge Building and design and use of Knowledge Forum. Later on I had a possibility to use local databases to practice use of Knowledge Forum In August 2000 I took a part in Summer Institute of Knowledge Forum. I learnt again both new theory and practice of Collaborative Knowledge Building and Knowledge Forum®. In November 2000 I was asked to support and join the virtual Institute for Knowledge Innovation and Technology (IKIT), http://ikit.org/.

I have introduced three new quality tools (Improved Concept Mapping, Improved Vee Heuristics and ARRA or Analysis of Reasoning, Rhetorics and Argumentation ) to monitor and promote collaborative knowledge building (e.g. Åhlberg, M., Kaasinen, A., Kaivola, T. & Houtsonen, L. 2001).


Åhlberg, M., Kaasinen, A., Kaivola, T. & Houtsonen, L. 2001. Collaborative knowledge building to promote in-service teacher training in environmental education. Journal of Information Technology for Teacher Education 10(3), 227 - 238.

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