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"Teaching something is the way to learn it yourself" 

(Updated September 2021) I currently (since 8/2016) teach courses in object-oriented programming (ME-234) and Excel ME-017, Basics of forest mensuration and mapping both in theory and in the field (ME-011, ME-011B, ME-013C), forest inventory methods (ME-233), a project course in forest inventory and management methods (FOR-254) + remote sensing (FOR260, ME-232) . I'm no longer responsible for courses in multiattribute forest planning (FOR-256) and in forest simulation methods (FOR-255).  
2016 FOR254, FOR110B, MARV216, ME-001

2015 FOR110B, MARV216

2014 * FOR110B Forest mensuration field course. 

2013 * FOR110B Forest mensuration field course.

2012 * MARV216 Basic course in object-oriented programming; LiDAR simulator project (pdf),
          Survival Kit (pdf), LiDAR simulator project results (pptx)
        * Advanced remote sensing (zip). UEF

        * Skogsbruk runtom Östersjön, A little lecture (pdf) and vocabulary (pdf).
2011 * MMVAR37 Basic course in programming.
        * MARV1 Measuring research plots

2010 * MARV1 2010
        * Skogsbruk runt om Östersjön.(pdf).
        * Evo/HAMK: A day of lectures, demos and exercises in sensor fusion.

        * UEF: Advanced remote sensing (homepage). Lectures & labs in Photogrammetry.

2009 * MARV1
Measuring research plots
        * NOVA post-graduate course in 3D RS of forests: NOVA 3D Course. 
        * Skugsbruk runt om Östersjön -kurs: PPT redovisning om laserkanning och fotogrammetri i 3D skoglig kartläggning.

2008 * MARV1 
Measuring research plots

2007 * MARV1 Measuring research plots

        * MARV4 Forest inventory project. Combining research with teaching. Paper (pdf).

2006 * MINV12 Post-graduate course in 3D remote sensing of forests.

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