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CV and List of Publications.

(Updated September 2021) The research I have been involved in (1991-92, 1997-2000, 2002-) has mainly been data-driven. It means that observations are vital in achieving the answers to research questions. Simulation tools have been important, when expanding the limits of experiments and instruments. Peer-reviewing is one way of contributing to science. 

The rationales sprout from environmental mapping, forest inventory and monitoring. We always strive for something that is more accurate and cost-efficient or provides entirely new and relevant information.

Keywords linking to past and current research are:
  • Forestry, Forest inventory, Forest management, Silviculture, Habitat and vegetation mapping, Forest growth and yield, Vegetation structure
  • Optical, Airborne LiDAR, Close-range and airborne photogrammetry, Radiometrically quantitative remote sensing, Geometry, 3D    
  • Methods of least-squares, Image processing, Pattern recognition, Classification tools, Multivariate statistics, Spatial statistics, Monte-Carlo methods, Surveying, GIS
  • C/C++, VB, Python 2.7, Fortran77/90, Win16/32/64.        .
My long-term experiment is in Hyytiälä (62ºN, 24ºE). First activity dates back to 1995. Description in HTML [Finnish] and pdf [English]. More about Hyytiälä Land use patterns in Hyytiälä since 1946 as seen in aerial images. Silva Fennica article