Amateur Radio - OH1WZ
December 1996 - November, 2012
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OH1WZ has been my callsign since March 1984.
Amateur radio (wiki) is an exciting hobby although much of
the glamour is gone with internet and wireless communications.
In Finland, SRAL is the source of information for newbies and wannabees.

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For a few years, I enjoyed being a part of
OH8X Radio Arcala


This map shows the world from the Finnish horizon.
The reddish colors denote aurora ovals estimated     by NOAA.
To learn the HF propagation, I programmed some mapping tools.

I was allowed to operate some of the finest
amateur radio stations in Finland in radio contests.   

In 1981 the solar maximum brought interesting contacts on 27 MHz.

By 1985, I had got the general class ticket to work SSB. Salo.

In 1995 @ OH5NQ in Mustila.
I have liked radiosporting (contesting) a lot. The picture on the right has OH2UA, OH2BH (World's most famous ham) and me pictured for a fun QSL-card, sometime in 2002-2003. Worldwide, 24- or 48-hour radio contests are really fascinating events and you get carried away spending countless hours for preparations and aftermath.