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 J P Roosin omaelämäkerta-aineistoa / 
Autobiographical  texts

This page is and will be, hopefully for a long time, under construction ....

Here are links to a variety  of autobiographical texts by me:

CV   (English/Fin)
Official curriculum vitae, rich but dull

Claes Andersson-arvostelu  (Finnish)
A review of a book of a person who has affected my life

Atk-elämäkerta  (Finnish)
A life story of my computer use

Bekännelser av en lyckopillerätare (Swedish)
Confessions of a prozac eater

Miten tutkimukseni ovat syntyneet  (Finnish)
How I've become a researcher

Hiihto vai juoksu   (Finnish)
Skiing or running ? (the answer is skiing, of course)

Kaksi elämää, kaksi isää  (Finnish)
Two lives, two fathers, a story of my father's relations to his eldest son

Maratonmiehen elämä (juoksuelämäkerta)  (Finnish)
Life of a marathon man, my running life story

Päiväkirja tiistaina, 2.2.1999 (Finnish)
A diary of that day

(Radio life story)

Year letter 2000  (English)

Stella and Ariel (news.htm)
Stella, Ariel, Anna and myself  (photos.htm)

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