Courses lectured


Principles of radiochemistry I, years 2000-2002, 2008,  3 credit units


Principles of radiochemistry II, 2000-2003, 3 credit units


Chemistry and analysis of radionuclides, 2001-, 5 credit units


Environmental radioactivity, 2001-, 3 credit units


Radioactive tracer techniques, 1997-2000, 3 credit units


Ion exchange and its use in the treatment of industrial waste effluents, together with Dr. Risto Harjula, 1999-2002, 2 credit units


Produced text books:


J.Lehto and X.Hou, Chemistry and analysis of radionuclides, to be published by Wiley – VCH in 2010.


1. Radioactivity, radionuclides, and radiation

2. Special characteristics of the chemistry and analysis of radionuclides

3. Need for radiochemical separations

4. Radiochemical separation methods

5. Yield determinations and source preparations in radiochemical analyses

6. Radiochemistry of alkali metals

7. Radiochemistry of alkaline earth metals

8. Radiochemistry of 3d transition metals

9. Radiochemistry 4d transition metals

10. Radiochemistry of lanthanides

11. Radiochemistry of halogens

12. Radiochemistry of noble gases

13. Radiochemistry of tritium and 14C

14. Radiochemistry of lead and polonium

15. Radiochemistry of actinides

16. Speciation – physical and chemical forms of radionuclides

17. Measurement of radionuclides with mass spectrometry

18. Sampling and pre-treatment of environmental samples

19. Chemical changes in the matter induced by the radioactive decay process



J.Lehto, Principles of radiochemistry, 2000


1.      What is radiochemistry

2.      What is radioactivity

3.      History of radiochemistry                                                                  

4.      Structure of atom and nucleus

5.      Nuclides, isotopes, isobars – nuclide chart

6.      Stability of nuclides

7.      Radionuclides

8.      Modes of radioactive decay

9.      Rate of radioactive decay – equilibria in successive decays processes

10.  Interaction of radiation with matter

11.  Detection and measurement of radiation

12.  Measurement of radiation with gas chambers

13.  Liquid scintillation counting

14.  Statistical treatment of results

15.  Nuclear reactions  

16.  Preparation of radionuclides 

17.  Isotope separations

18.  Radionuclide imaging

19.  Separation and speciation of radionuclides