1.         Full name: Jukka Kalevi Lehto


2.         Date and place of birth:  1st of October 1953, Nokia, Finland


3.                  Current position:

·         professor in radiochemistry, Laboratory of Radiochemistry, University of Helsinki 2005-

·         head of the Laboratory of Radiochemistry, University of Helsinki 2004-


4.                  Education and training:

·         M.Sc.               1981    University of Helsinki

·         Lic.Phil.           1985    University of Helsinki

·         Ph.D.               1987    University of Helsinki


5.                  Previous professional appointments:

·         part-time junior counselling officer, 1978-1979 (18 months), University of Helsinki, Faculty of Science

·         researcher, 1980-1988, University of Helsinki, Department of Radiochemistry

·         visiting researcher, 1981 (9 months) Isotope Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

·         visiting researcher, 1985-1986 (12 months), Department of  Chemistry, Texas A&M University, College Station, USA

·         teaching assistant, 1988-1997, Department/Laboratory of Radiochemistry, University of Helsinki

·         senior scientist, 1995-2000, Academy of Finland

·         senior teaching assistant, 1998-2001, Laboratory of Radiochemistry, University of Helsinki

·         acting professor in radiochemistry, Laboratory of Radiochemistry, University of Helsinki, 2000-2002, 2004-2005

·         head of the Laboratory of Radiochemistry, University of Helsinki, 2000-2002

·         senior lecturer, (reader, dozent, associate professor) 2002-2004, Laboratory of Radiochemistry, University of Helsinki

·         docent in radiochemistry 1988-2004


6.                  Research awards, research honours and major stipendiary support for research

Research honours:

·         Professor Jorma K. Miettinen Award Medal  1993, Section of Radiochemists of the Finnish Union of Chemists

Major research funding:

·         Academy of Finland, 30,000 €, 1990

·         Finnish Technology Development Agency, 150,000 €,  1992

·         University of Helsinki Research Foundation, 130,000 €, 1994

·         EU Brite-EuramIII, 317,000 €, 1996

·         Academy of Finland, 33,000 €, 1996

·         Finnish Technology Development Agency, 530,000 €, 1998

·         Academy of Finland, 100,000 €, 1998

·         Academy of Finland, 13,000 €, 1999

·         Maj ja Tor Nesslingin Säätiö, 15,000 €, 2000

·         Maj ja Tor Nesslingin Säätiö, 6,500 €, 2001

·         Private foundations, approximately 50,000 €, 1980-1999

·         Ministry of Environment, Finland, 100,000 €, 2004

·         Nordic Nuclear Safety Programme (NKS), 6,000 DKK, 2004

·         Euregio, 25,000€, 2006

·         Nordic Nuclear Safety Programme (NKS), 50,000 DKK, 2006

·         Posiva, 400.000€, 2008-2009

·         Ministry of Employment and Economy, 140.000 €, 2008-2009

·         In total approximately 2,100,000 €


7.                  Editorial board memberships

·         guest editor of Reactive&Functional Polymers 1994-1995


8.                  Memberships in scientific societies

·         member of the Finnish Chemical Society

·         Finnish member of the Nuclear and Radiochemistry Working Party of the Federation of European Chemical Societies, 1999-

·         member of the International Union of Radioecology


9.                  Other academic and professional activities

·         Coordinator of the project ”Management and disposal of radioactive wastes generated in the cleanup of large areas contaminated in nuclear accidents” of the Nordic Nuclear Research Programme, 1990-1993.

·         Coordinator of the European Union BriteEuramIII Programme project ”Development of advanced ion exchange materials and methods for the removal of toxic metals from metallurgical waste effluents”, 1996-1999.

·         member in the International Atomic Energy Agency’s coordination group responsible for planning and commitment of the comprehensive radiological survey of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site, 2002-

Further academic and professional activities:

·         Finnish Union of Chemists, Section of Radiochemists, chairman 1983-1985 and 1987-1988, deputy chairman 1985-1986 and 1988-1989

·         member of the organising committee of ION-EX 1995, ICIE’03, IEX 2004, Mendelev/Radiochemistry 2007 conferences

·         plenary lecturer in IOX-EX’93 and IEX’96 conferences (see publications 48 and 51)

·         referee in several international journals, such as Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, Langmuir, Applied Radiation and Isotopes, Separation Science and Technology, Reactive & Functional Polymers, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, Nukleonika, Separation and Purification Technology, Microchimica Acta, Adsorption, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Journal of Nuclear and Radioanalytical Chemistry,  Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 

·         deputy member of the steering group of the Department of Radiochemistry, University of Helsinki, 1992-1994

·         deputy member of the steering group of the Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki, 1995-2000

·         member of the steering group of the Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki, 2001-2003, 2007-

·         deputy council member of the Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki, 1998-2000

·         member of the evalauation committee of an organic chemistry professorship, 1999-2000, and an inorganic chemistry professorship 2007-

·         member of an advisory committee planning education strategy in nuclear sciences in Finland, Ministry of Trade and Industry, 2000

·         member of the Nuclear Waste Safety Section of the Finnish Advisory Committee on Nuclear Safety, appointed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, 2001-2003



10.       Supervising and refereeing of graduate studies and docentships

Refereeing a docentship:

·         FT Jussi Paatero, docentship in radiochemistry, 2002

Supervising of doctor’s theses:

·         Risto Harjula (1993), Ion Exchange and Hydrolysis Reactions in Zeolites

·         Heikki Leinonen (1999), Removal of Harmful Metals from Metal Plating Waste Waters Using Selective Ion Exchangers

·         Kaisa Vaaramaa (2003), Physico-chemical Forms of Natural Radionuclides in Drilled Well Waters and their Removal by Ion Exchange

·         Risto Koivula (2003), Inorganic Ion Exchangers for Decontamination of Radioactive Wastes Generated by the Nuclear Power Plants

·         Pia Vesterbacka (2005), 238U-Series Radionuclides in Finnish Groundwater-Based Drinking Water and Effective Doses

·         Matti Kaikkonen (2006), A Novel Assay Method for Measuring Added Plasma Caesium and Its Application in the Measurement of Short-Term Kinetics

·         Jussi Jernström (2006), Development of Analytical Techniques in Studies on Dispersion of Actinides in the Environment and Characterization of Environmental Radioactive Particles

Supervising of licentiate thesis:

·         Airi Paajanen (2001), Koboltin erottaminen konsentroidusta matala-aktiivisesta jätevedestä

Acting as an opponent for doctor’s theses:

·         Jussi Paatero (2000), Deposition of Chernobyl-Derived Transuranium Nuclides and Short-Lived Radon-222 Progeny in Finland

·         Ole Christian Lind, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (2006), Characterisation of Radioactive Particles in the Environment Using Advanced Techniques

Refereeing doctor’s theses:

·         V.Narapareddy (1995), Studies on Some New Mixed Inorganic Exchangers for the Treatment of High Level Radioactive Liquid Wastes with Special Reference to Cs-137, Andhra University, India

·         Riitta Pilviö (1998), Methods for the determination of low-level actinide concentrations and their behaviour in the aquatic environment

·         Leena Pajo (2001), UO2 Fuel Pellet Impurities, Pellet Surface Roughness and n(18O)/n(16O) Ratios, Applied to Nuclear Forensic Science

·         Marja Siitari-Kauppi (2001), The Characterization of Low Porosity Media with the 14C-polymethylmethacrylate (14C-PMMA) Method – Application to Rocks in Geological Barriers of Nuclear Waste Storage

·         Teresia Möller (2002), Selective Crystalline Inorganic Materials as Ion Exchangers in the Treatment on Nuclear Waste Solutions

·         Pirkko Hölttä (2002), Radionuclide Migration in Crystalline Rock Fractures – Laboratory Study of Matrix Diffusion

Refereeing licentiate theses:

·         Sinikka Pinnioja (1988), Ydinjätenuklidien pidättyminen kallioperään tutkittuna autoradiografista menetelmää käyttäen

·         Jussi Paatero (1997), Plutonium, Americium ja Curium maaympäristössä Suomessa Tshernobylin ydinvoimalaitosonnettomuuden jälkeen

·         Airi Paajanen (2001), Koboltin erottaminen konsentroidusta matala-aktiivisesta jätevedestä