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Irma Thomas discography

U.S. Singles

Ron (1960)
328     Don't mess with my man
        Set me free
330     A good man
        I may be wrong

625     Cry on
        Girl needs boy
633     It's too soon to know
        That's all I ask
642     I done got over it
653     It's raining
        I did my part
660     Two winters long
        Somebody told you
666     Ruler of my heart
        Hittin' on nothing

368     For goodness sake
        When ever

Imperial (1964-66)
66013   Wish someone would care
66041   Anyone who knows what love is (will understand)
        Time is on my side

66069   Times have changed
        Moments to remember
66080   He's my guy
        (I want a) True, true love
66095   Some things you never get used to
        You don't miss a good thing
66106   I'm gonna cry till my tears run dry
        Nobody wants to hear nobody's troubles
66120   It's starting to get to me now
        Hurt's all gone
66137   Take a look
        What are you trying to do
66178   It's a man's - woman's world, pts 1 & 2

Chess (1967-68)
2010    Somewhere crying
        Cheater man
2017    A woman will do wrong
        I gave you everything
2036    Good to me
        We got something good

Canyon (1970)
21      Save a little bit for me
        That's how I feel about you
31      I'd do it all over you
        We won't be in your way anymore

Roker (1971)
502     These four walls
        A woman's viewpoint		
Cotillion (1972)
41444   Full time woman
        She's taken my part		
Fungus (1973-74)
15119   She'll never be your wife
        You're the dog
15141   In between tears
15353   Coming from behind, pts. 1 & 2

Maison de Soul (1977)
1012    Don't blame him
1058    Hip shakin'
        Hittin' On nothin'

RCS (1979-)
1006    Safe with me
        Zero willpower
1008    Take what you find
        I can't help her
1010    A woman left lonely
        Dance me down easy
1013    Looking back
        Don't stop

Sound of N.O. (1988)
10311   Mardi gras mambo
        I believe saints go all the way

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