Randomness and order in the exact sciences

175th Anniversary Symposium

organized by the

Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters
Section for Mathematics and Physics

2 – 4 September 2013
House of the Estates
Säätytalo, Helsinki, Finland

The aim of the symposium is to discuss general principles and specific mechanisms by which order may appear from randomness. These questions will be addressed in a broad sense, from the perspectives of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the Symposium, respectively. The speakers will strive to make their presentations comprehensible to researchers in neighbouring fields. There will be possibilities for discussions after the talks and during the breaks. Both experienced and young scientists with cross-disciplinary interests are invited to attend.

The program of each day is listed under the corresponding subtitle:

Monday 2 September: Randomness – from micro to macro                  Speakers

Tuesday 3 September: Self- and co-assembling soft matter                  Speakers

Wednesday 4 September: Quantum physics in the large and small      Speakers

List of Participants