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- 2000

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Ph.D. theses

Xu Yan. New insight into mechanisms of transcellular propagation of tau and α-synuclein in neurodegenerative diseases. University of Helsinki. Febraury, 2017. [Link]

Prasanna Sakha. Development of microfluidic applications to study the role of kainate receptors in synaptogenesis. University of Helsinki. April, 2016 (co-supervised by Dr. Sari Lauri). [Link]

Niko-Petteri Nykänen. Cellular physiology and cell-to-cell propagation of Tau in neurodegeneration: The impact of late-onset Alzheimer's disease susceptibility genes. University of Helsinki. January, 2016. [Link]

Kai Kysenius. PCSK9 and berberine as modulators of lipoprotein receptors and neuronal cell death. University of Helsinki. May, 2015. [Link]

Patent applications

Puglielli L, Huttunen HJ, Guenette SY, Tanzi RE, Kovacs DM. Methods and compositions relating to modulating amyloid precursor protein cleavage. US patent application 2005/0170,437. Link