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The Particle Physics Division of the Finnish Physical Society began functioning again in summer 1997 after a few years of silence.  Twenty two particle physicists participated in the founding meeting and fifteen had expressed their interest by email.   They are called the founding members of the division.

The main aim of the Division is to advance particle physics and inform about it in Finland. A near-term goal is to raise the profile of particle physics in the annual meetings of the Finnish Physical Society.

The Board of the Division 19.3.2020 -

Assoc. Prof. Mikko Voutilainen (chair, Helsinki)
Doc. Sami Räsänen (Jyväskylä)
Dr. Henning Kirschenmann (Helsinki)
Doc. Hannu Paukkunen (Jyväskylä)

Earlier boards of the Division (in Finnish).

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Research of particle physics in Finland


Jyväskylä: Department of Physics

Oulu: Department of Physics and CUPP-Pyhäsalmi

Turku: Department of Physics

Outside Finland, Finns participate in

NORDITA in Nordic countries
CERN in Europe

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Other useful links

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Los Alamos LANL preprint-archives and mirror in SISSA in Italy.
Properties of elementary particles are listed by Particle Data Group
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