Thesis (2006) Do vitamins C and E affect respiratory infections?

Harri Hemilš
Department of Public Health
University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

Oct 14, 2022
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History of vitamin C and its deficiency, scurvy

Effects of vitamin C on the immune system

Changes in vitamin C metabolism during infections

The effect of vitamin C on animal infections

Interaction between vitamins C and E

Linus Pauling, vitamin C, and the common cold

Meta-analysis: methodological considerations

The most influential trial on vitamin C and the common cold: Karlowski et al. (1975)

Problems with reviews on vitamin C and the common cold

Problems in planning and analyzing the common cold trials

The safety of vitamin C

Fundamental concepts related to health

Problems with Experts

The safety of vitamin E

Recommended intake of vitamin E

Possible heterogeneity in the effects of vitamins C and E

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