Truswell’s mini-review (1986)

by Harri Hemilä

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A. Steward Truswell is an eminent nutritionist who was a co-editor of a major textbook of nutrition (Davidson et al. 1975, 1979), and the author of a popular book ABC of Nutrition, which is currently printed as the fourth edition (Truswell 2003). Truswell (1986) reviewed the vitamin C trials in a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine. The main text of the letter was only half a column long, but a journal with great prestige and a wide circulation makes the statements in Truswell’s mini-review influential and worthy of a critical look. This mini-review was cited in Truswell’s own book on nutrition (2003 p 64) as the only reference to the topic of vitamin C and the common cold.

Truswell did not present any figures or P-values of the original reports, merely providing subjective comments about the trials. Neither did he make any effort to rationalize the great variations in the reported results. For example, on pharmacological grounds it is highly plausible that the effect depends on the dose. Truswell, however, listed the Karlowski et al. trial (1975) in which vitamin C dose was up to 6 g/day and the Dahlberg et al. trial (1944) in which the dose was only 0.05 g/day side-by-side without mentioning that there was a 120-fold discrepancy in vitamin C dosage. Obviously, such trials are not equivalent.

At the end of his mini-review, Truswell stated that "In another five combined trials there appeared to be slight amelioration of symptoms, which was not statistically significant." In fact, the 5 papers cited by Truswell contained 6 trials and not 5 (Table 21; Hemilä 1996a). Furthermore, all 6 trials reported a statistically significant benefit in at least one of the outcomes (Table 21). Thus Truswell’s statement is gravely misleading, even though the 5 papers did contain some other outcomes in which the benefit was not significant statistically. Some further problems in Truswell’s minireview are discussed elsewhere (Hemilä 1996a).

Table 21. 'Five' trials in which the amelioration of common cold symptoms by vitmin C was not statistically significant according to Truswell (1986)

Trial No. of subjects Vitamin C dose (g/d) The effect of vitamin C (%) P [2-tail] Outcome
Karlowski-1975 103 6 -17 0.047 Duration of symptoms
Pitt-1979 674 2 -5 0.023 Severity of symptoms
Ludvigsson-1977a 1 158 1 -39 0.003 Duration of symptoms
Ludvigsson-1977b 1 615 1 -14 0.016 Absense from school
Carr-1981 190 1 -19 <0.05 Duration of symptoms
Wilson-1973 2 128 0.2 -45 0.035 Intensity of symptoms

All 6 trials were placebo-controlled and the effect of vitamin C refers to the difference between the vitamin C and placebo groups. The exact P
values were calculated where appropriate data was available. This table was originally published in Hemilä (1996).
1 Ludvigsson et al. (1977) reported the results of 2 separate trials in the same paper.
2 ‘Whole colds’ among girls administered 0.2 g/day of vitamin C; for details, see the reference.


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