Vitamin E for mortality and acute kidney injury

by Harri Hemilä

Department of Public Health
University of Helsinki, Finland
Oct 14, 2022

  1. Original articles and systematic reviews

  2. Letters and commentaries


Original articles and systematic reviews

Further evidence of heterogeneity in the effects of vitamin E on mortality
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In three RCTs vitamin E decreased the rate of acute kidney injury in participants going to angiography
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In Finnish male smokers, vitamin E extended life span by half a year
Hemilä H, Kaprio J.
Vitamin E may affect the life expectancy of men, depending on dietary vitamin C intake and smoking.
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Very strong evidence that vitamin E effect on mortality is modified by age and dietary vitamin C intake (P = 0.0005)
Hemilä H, Kaprio J.
Modification of the effect of vitamin E supplementation on the mortality of male smokers by age and dietary vitamin C.
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Letters and commentaries

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Comparison of different vitamin E forms is confounded by heterogeneity in vitamin E effects.
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Antioxidants are not identical and their effects are not uniform over the population.
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